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Plant en dier
Flora algemeen
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Chotzinoff, Robin

People with Dirty Hands

The Passion for Gardening

€ 23.95

People with Dirty Hands Why do some people have their hands in dirt? What causes someone to become obsessed with the process of growing something, whether it be a tangle of flowers, chiles hot enough to make your eyes water, or a rambling rose plucked from a tumbledown house? Author Robin Chotzinoff took a road trip (several, actually) across America to find the answers. People with Dirty Hands is what she found. It rings with the voices of people singularly possessed: Margaret Sharpe and Pam Puryear, founders of the Texas Rose Rustlers; Doug Beck, president of California Garden Ladies, who harvests hibernating ladybugs from their leafy beds for commercial sale; and Bill Palmer, whose garden is home to 450 tomato plants, simply because "You really can`t buy a tomato." In vivid style, Chotzinoff captures the all encompassing fervor—and hope—that can drive a person to create a vegetable garden from a concrete, hypodermic strewn landscape or to plant seed while snow still threatens. It is the immutable promise of life.

Taal / Language : English

1. Rustling Roses.
2. Heat.
3. Winter: Bugs and Seeds.
4. City Dirt.
5. Estates.
6. Long Island Roots.
7. Tomatoes.
8. Natives.
9. Road Trip: Medicine.
10. Road Trip: Three Days in Oregon.
11. What People Keep.
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206 pagina's
Januari 1996
484 gram
237 x 162 x 24 mm
Jossey Bass us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen