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Cheng, Hong

The Handbook of International Advertising Research

€ 163.85

This timely handbook brings academic excellence to international advertising research in the form of 28 contributions from over 40 leading scholars. The handbook’s comprehensive treatment highlights existing knowledge, reports major findings across the subject, and recommends directions and agendas for future research.

Taal / Language : English

1. International Advertising Research: A Historical Review. Gordon E. Miracle 2. Research Methods for International Advertising Studies: A Practical Guide Charles R. Taylor and John B. Ford 3. The Economic Effects of Advertising: How Research Can Untangle Them John Philip Jones 4. Research on Transnational Advertising Agencies: Management, Structure, and Entry Strategies Kwangmi Ko Kim 5. Account Planning: International Perspectives Padmini Patwardhan and Hemant Patwardhan 6. The State of Research on Media Planning, Buying, and Selling Yunjae Cheong 7. International and Cross-Cultural Consumer Behavior Marieke de Mooij 8. Magazines and International Advertising Katherine Frith and Kavita Karan 9. New Media and International Advertising Ran Wei 10. Viral Advertising: A Conceptualization  Petya Eckler and Shelly Rodgers 11. International Advertising Creativity Sheila L. Sasser 12. Visual Rhetoric and International Advertising Barbara J. Phillips and Edward F. McQuarrie 13. International Advertising Strategy Stephen W. Marshall and Marilyn S. Roberts 14. Cultural Messages in International Advertisements Yuan Zhang 15. Gender-Role Portrayals in International Advertising Ping Shaw, Martin Eisend, and Yue Tan 16. Attention and Memory Effects of Advertising in an International Context Mahdi Rajabi, Nathalie Dens, and Patrick De Pelsmacker 17. A Close Look at Sex Appeal Advertising Research Fang Liu 18. Celebrity Endorsements and International Advertising Wei-Na Lee and Nam-Hyun Um 19. International Branding: Finding, Shifts, and Challenges Fengru Li 20. International Advertising Law and Regulation: A Research Review and Agenda – the Devil is in the Details Ross D. Petty 21. International Research on Advertising and Children Kara Chan 22. Social Responsibility in International Advertising Xiaoli Nan and Hye-Jin Paek 23. Integrated Marketing Communication Research: Its Limited Past and Huge Potential  Don E. Schultz, Ilchul Kim, and Kyoungsoo Kang 24. Sibling Rivalry: How Public Relations and Advertising Continue to Grow and Live Together Barbara DeSanto and Curtis B. Mathews 25. Now Starring Brand X: Product Placement as a Local, Global, and Glocal Branding Communication Tool Michelle R. Nelson and Alexandra M. Vilela 26. International Sponsorship Research Ellen L. Bloxsome, Mark R. Brown, Nigel K. Ll Pope, and Kevin Voges 27. Political Advertising in International Comparison   Christina Holtz-Bacha 28. International Advertising Education: Curriculum and Pedagogy Frauke Hachtmann
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656 pagina's
Januari 2014
1162 gram
247 x 178 x 35 mm
John Wiley and Sons Ltd gb

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen

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