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L. F. Chen

Microwave Electronics

Measurement and Materials Characterization

€ 214.95

Microwave materials are widely used in a variety of applications ranging from personal communication devices to military satellite services. The increasing requirement for the development of high speed, high frequency circuits and systems requires an understanding of the properties of materials functioning at the microwave level.

Taal / Language : English

1 Microelectromechanical Systems and RF MEMS.
1.1 Introduction.
1.2 MEMS.
1.4 Electromechanical Transducers.
1.5 Micro-sensing for MEMS.
1.6 Materials for MEMS.
1.7 Scope of this book.
2 MEMS Materials and Fabrication Techniques.
2.1 Metals.
2.2 Semiconductors.
2.3 Thin films for MEMS and their deposition techniques.
2.4 Materials for polymer MEMS.
2.5 Bulk Micromachining for Silicon based MEMS .
2.6 Silicon Surface Micromachining.
2.7 Microstereolithography for polymer MEMS.
2.8 Conclusions.
3. RF MEMS Micro relays and Switches.
3.1 Introduction.
3.2 Switch Parameters.
3.3 Basics of switching.
3.4 Switches for RF and microwave applications.
3.5 Actuation Mechanisms of RF MEMS switches.
3.6 Bistable relays and microactuators.
3.7 Dynamics of the Switch operation.
3.8 MEMS switch design, modeling and evaluation.
3.9 MEMS switch design considerations.
3.10 Conclusions.
4. MEMS Inductors and Capacitors.
4.1 Introduction.
4.2 MEMS/Micromachined Passive Elements: Pros and Cons.
4.3 MEMS Inductors.
4.4 MEMS Capacitors.
4.5 Conclusions.
5. Micromachined RF Filters.
5.1 Introduction.
5.2 Modeling of Mechanical Filters.
5.3 Micromechanical Filters.
5.5 Bulk Acoustic Wave Filters.
5.6 Micromachined Filters for mm wave Frequencies.
5.7 Summary.
6.  MEMS Phase Shifters.
6.1 Introduction.
6.2 Types of Phase shifters and their limitations.
6.3 MEMS Phase shifters.
6.4 Ferroelectric Phase shifters.
6.5 Applications.
6.6 Conclusions.
7. Micromachined Transmission lines and Components.
7.1 Introduction.
7.2 Micromachined transmission lines.
7.3 Design, fabrication and measurement.
7.4 Conclusions.
8 Micromachined Antennas.
8.1. Introduction.
8.2. Overview of Microstrip Antennas.
8.3. Micromachining Techniques to Improve Antenna Performance.
8.4. Micromachining as a Fabrication Process for Small Antennas.
8.5. Micromachined Reconfigurable Antennas.
8.6. Summary.
9. Integration and Packaging for RF MEMS Devices.
9.1 Introduction.
9.2 Role of MEMS packages.
9.3 Types of MEMS packages.
9.4 Flip chip Assembly .
9.5 Multichip module packaging.
9.6 RF MEMS packaging: Reliability issues.
9.7 Thermal Issues.
9.8 Conclusions.
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552 pagina's
Januari 2004
1338 gram
248 x 191 x 32 mm
Wiley-Blackwell us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen