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Theoretische informatica
Chandy, K. Mani Event Processing
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K. Mani Chandy

Event Processing

Designing IT Systems for Agile Companies

€ 56.95

Implement an effective event-processing solution

Today, enterprises are required to respond ever more rapidly to unpredictable and asynchronous environments. This book explains, step-by-step, how to design, deploy, and use event-processing (EP) systems to detect and respond to business anomalies, threats, and opportunities.

Event Processing first explains how this methodology compares and contrasts to the IT architectural styles used in conventional business applications. The book then discusses the types of software needed to develop and run EP applications, helping you form a deployment plan and purchase the appropriate tools. Real-world examples illustrate successful EP implementations.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Event Processing
Chapter 2: Event Processing Patterns
Chapter 3: Types of Event Processing Applications
Chapter 4: Costs and Benefits
Chapter 5: Relationship of EP to Other IT Initiatives
Chapter 6: How to Get Started
Chapter 7: Architecture for Simple Event Processing
Chapter 8: Architecture for Complex Event Processing
Chapter 9: Middleware and Standards
Chapter 10: Build vs. Buy
Chapter 11: Application Design Issues
Chapter 12: Best Practices
Chapter 13: Future of Event Processing
Appendix A: List of Resources
Appendix B: Glossary

K. Mani Chandy, Ph.D., is a professor of computer science at the California Institute of Technology.

W. Roy Schulte is vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner, Inc.

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Taal / Language : English

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235 pagina's
Januari 2009
522 gram
235 x 159 x 19 mm

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen

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Theoretische informatica