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Castiglioni, Sara

Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Illicit Drugs in the Environment

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Illicit drugs are an emerging class of environmental contaminants and mass spectrometry is the technique of choice for their analysis.

Taal / Language : English

Preface (Ettore Zuccato, Sara Castiglioni).

Section I - Introduction.

Chapter 1. Illicit Drugs and the Environment (Christian G. Daughton).

Section II. The physiology of illicit drugs.

Chapter 2. Metabolism and excretion of illicit drugs (Manuela Melis, Sara Castiglioni, Ettore Zuccato).

Section III. Mass spectrometry in illicit drugs detection and measurement - current and novel environmental applications.

Chapter 3. Analytical methods for the detection of illicit drugs in wastewaters and surface waters (Renzo Bagnati , Enrico Davoli).

Chapter 4. Wide-scope screening of illicit drugs in urban wastewater by UHPLC-QTOF MS (Félix Hernández, Juan V. Sancho, and Lubertus Bijlsma).

Chapter 5. Determination if illicit drugs in the water cycle by LC-Orbitrap MS (Pim de Voogt, Erik Emke, Rick Helmus, Pavlos Panteliadis, Jan A. van Leerdam).

Section IV. Mass spectrometric analysis of illicit drugs in the environment.

Section Iva. Occurrence and fate in wastewater and surface water.

Chapter 6. Occurrence of illicit drugs in wastewater in Spain (Cristina Postigo, Miren López de Alda, Damia Barcelò).

Chapter 7. Occurrence of illicit drugs in wastewater and surface water in Italy (Sara Castiglioni, Ettore Zuccato).

Chapter 8. Occurrence of illicit drugs in surface water and wastewater in the UK (Barbara Kasprzyk-Hordern).

Chapter 9. On the frontier: analytical chemistry and the occurrence of illicit drugs into surface waters in the USA (Tammy Jones-Lepp, David Alvarez, Bommanna Laganthan).

Chapter 10. Monitoring non-prescription drugs in surface water in Nebraska, USA (Shannon Bartelt-Hunt, Daniel D. Snow).

Section IVb. Illicit drugs in drinking water.

Chapter 11. Presence and removal of illicit drugs in Conventional Drinking Water Treatment Plants (M. Huerta Fontela, M. T. Galceran, F. Ventura).

Chapter 12. Analysis of illicit Drugs in Water Using Direct Injection Liquid Chromatography - Tandem Mass Spectrometry (Rebecca A. Trenholm and Shane A. Snyder).

Section IVc. Presence in air and suspended particulate matter.

Chapter 13. Psychotropic substances in urban airborne particulate (Angelo Cecinato and Catia Balducci).

Section V.  Applications of illicit drug analysis in the environment.

Chapter 14. Illicit drugs in the environment: implication for ecotroxicology (Guido Domingo, Kristin Schirmer, Marcella Bracale, Francesco Pomati).

Chapter 15. Drug addiction - Potential of a new approach of monitoring drug consumption (Norbert Frost).

Chapter 16. Assessing illicit drug consumption by wastewater analysis: history, potential and limitation of a novel approach (Ettore Zuccato, Sara Castiglioni).

Chapter 17. Cocaine and metabolites in wastewater as a tool to calculate local and national cocaine consumption prevalence in Belgium (Alexander L. N. van Nuijs, Lieven Bervoets, Philippe G. Jorens, Ronny Blust, Hugo Neels, Adrian Covaci).

Chapter 18. Measurement of illicit Drug Consumption in Small Populations: Prognosis for Non-Invasive Drug Testing of Student Populations (Deepika Panawennage, Sara Castiglioni, Ettore Zuccato, Enrico Davoli , and M. Paul Chiarelli).

Section VI. Conclusions.

Chapter 19. Conclusions and Future Perspectives (Roberto Fanelli).
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Januari 2011
698 gram
242 x 160 x 25 mm
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Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen