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Casanova, Giacomo

History of My Life

€ 58.25

"Trask has written a version in an English fully contemporary yet remarkably Italian in sensibility. With admirable restraint and refinement, he has conveyed the zest

Taal / Language : English

CHAPTER I I attempt my magical operation. A terrible storm comes up. My fear. Genoveffa remains pure. I give up, and sell the sheath to Capitani. I meet Giulietta again, with the pretended Count Celi, now Count Alfani. I decide to go to Naples. What puts me on a different road.
CHAPTER II I buy a fine carriage and leave for Parma with the old Captain and the young Frenchwoman. I see Genoveffa again and present her with a fine pair of gold bracelets. My perplexities concerning my female traveling companion. Monologue. Conversation with the Captain. Private interview with the Frenchwoman.
CHAPTER III I set out from Bologna a happy man. The Captain leaves us at Reggio, where I spend the night with Henriette. Our arrival in Parma. Henriette resumes the dress of her sex; our mutual happiness. I encounter some of my relatives, but do not make myself known.
CHAPTER IV I take a box at the opera despite Henriette`s reluctance. Monsieur Dubois comes to call, he dines with us; trick which my mistress plays on him. Henriette reasons on happiness. We call on Dubois; extraordinary talent which my wife displays there. Monsieur Dutillot. The court gives a magnificent entertainment in the palace gardens; our disastrous encounter there. I have an interview with Monsieur d`Antoine, the Infante`s favorite.
CHAPTER V Henriette receives Monsieur d`Antoine. I lose that charming woman, whom I accompany as far as Geneva. I cross the Saint Bernard Pass and return to Parma. Letter from Henriette. My despair. De La Haye pursues my acquaintance. Unpleasant adventure with an actress; its consequences. I become a bigot. Bavois. I hoax a bragging officer.
CHAPTER VI I receive good news from Venice, to which I return, taking De La Haye and Bavois with me. Excellent reception from my three friends, and their surprise at finding me a model of devotion. Bavois leads me back to my former life. De La Haye a true hypocrite. Adventure with the Marchetti girl. I win in the lottery. I meet Balletti again. De La Haye leaves the Palazzo Bragadin. I set off for Paris.
CHAPTER VII My stay in Ferrara and comic adventure which befalls me there. My arrival in Paris, 1750.
CHAPTER VIII My apprenticeship in Paris. Portraits. Oddities. Things many and various.
CHAPTER IX My blunders in French, my successes, my numerous acquaintances. Louis XV. My brother comes to Paris.
CHAPTER X I run foul of the law in Paris. Mademoiselle Vesian.
CHAPTER XI The beautiful O-Morphi. Imposture by a painter. I practice cabalism for the Duchess of Chartres. I leave Paris. My stay in Dresden and my departure from there.
CHAPTER XII My stay in Vienna. Joseph II. My departure for Venice.
CHAPTER XIII I return the portrait I had carried off from Vienna. I go to Padua; incident during my return; its consequences. I meet Teresa Imer again. My acquaintance with Signorina C. C.
CHAPTER XIV Progress of my love affair with the beautiful C. C.
CHAPTER XV Continuation of my love affair with C. C. Signor Bragadin asks for the young lady`s hand for me. Her father refuses and puts her in a convent. De La Haye. I lose at cards. Association with Croce, which replenishes my purse. Various incidents.
CHAPTER XVI I come into money again. My adventure at Dolo. Analysis of a long letter from my mistress. P. C. plays me a scurvy trick in Vicenza. My tragicomic scene at the inn.
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Paperback / softback
728 pagina's
Januari 1997
771 gram
210 x 133 x 44 mm
Johns Hopkins University Press us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen