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Literatuurgeschiedenis buitenland
Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen

Giacomo Chevali Casanova

History of My Life

€ 58.25

Taal / Language : English

CHAPTER I I find Rosalie happy. Signora Isolabella. The cook. Biribissi. Irene. Passano in prison. My niece an old friend of Rosalie`s.
CHAPTER II My brother the Abate and his base behavior. I take away his mistress. Departure from Genoa. The Prince of Monaco. My niece conquered. Arrival in Antibes.
CHAPTER III My arrival in Marseilles. Madame d`Urfe. My niece is well received by Madame Audibert. I get rid of my brother and Passano. Regeneration. Departure of Madame d`Urfe. Marcolina`s constancy.
CHAPTER IV I leave Marseilles. Henriette in Aix. Irene in Avignon. Passano`s treachery. Madame d`Urfe`s departure for Lyons.
CHAPTER V I meet the Venetian Ambassadors and Marcolina`s uncle in Lyons. I part from that charming girl and I leave for Paris. Amorous journey with Adele.
CHAPTER VI I drive my brother the Abate from Paris. Madame du Rumain recovers her voice through my cabala. A bad joke. La Corticelli. I take young D`Aranda to London. My arrival in Calais.
CHAPTER VII My arrival in London. Mrs. Cornelys. I am presented at Court. I rent a furnished house. I make many acquaintances. English morality.
CHAPTER VIII Mrs. Cornelys`s assembly. Adventure at Ranelagh House. Disgust with English courtesans. The Portuguese Pauline.
CHAPTER IX Pauline`s story. My happiness. Her departure.
CHAPTER X Peculiarities of the English. Castel-Bajac. Count Schwerin. My daughter Sophie in boarding school. My reception at the Thinkers` Club. La Charpillon.
CHAPTER XI La Charpillon and the fatal effects of my acquaintance with her.
CHAPTER XII Continuation of the preceding chapter, but far stranger.
CHAPTER XIII Bottarelli. Letter from Pauline, in care of Senhor de Saa. The avenging parrot. Pocchini. The Venetian Guerra. I meet Sara again: my plan to marry her and follow her to Switzerland. The Hanoverian mother and daughters.
Extra informatie: 
Paperback / softback
856 pagina's
Januari 1997
839 gram
210 x 133 x 44 mm
Johns Hopkins University Press us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen

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