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Literatuurgeschiedenis buitenland

Giacomo Casanova

History of My Life, V 5 and V 6

€ 35.95

Taal / Language : English

CHAPTER I I go to lodge in the house of the chief of the sbirri. I spend a delicious night there and completely recover my strength and health. I go to mass; untoward meeting. Violent means I am forced to employ to obtain six zecchini. I am out of danger. My arrival in Munich. What happens to Balbi. I leave for Paris. My arrival in that city; attempt on the life of Louis XV.
CHAPTER II The Minister of Foreign Affairs. Monsieur de Boulogne, the Comptroller-General. The Duke of Choiseul. The Abbe de Laville. Monsieur Paris-Duverney. Establishment of the lottery. My brother comes to Paris from Dresden; he is received into the Academy of Painting.
CHAPTER III Count Tiretta, of Treviso. The Abbe de Lacoste. La Lambertini, pretended niece of the Pope. The name she gives Tiretta. Aunt and niece. Conversation at the fireside. Execution of Damiens. Tiretta`s mistake. Anger of Madame XXX; reconciliation. I am happy with Mademoiselle de la M--re. Silvia`s daughter. Mademoiselle de la M--re marries; my jealousy and desperate resolve. Change for the better.
CHAPTER IV The Abbe de Laville. The Abbe Galiani. Character of the Neapolitan dialect. I go to Dunkirk on a secret mission. I am completely successful. I return to Paris by way of Amiens. My comical escapades. Monsieur de la Bretonniere. My report gives satisfaction. I receive five hundred louis. Reflections.
CHAPTER V The Count of La Tour d`Auvergne and Madame d`Urfe. Camilla. My passion for the Count`s mistress; ridiculous incident which cures me. The Count of Saint-Germain.
CHAPTER VI Madame d`Urfe`s mistaken and contradictory notions as to my power. My brother marries; plan conceived on his wedding day. I go to Holland on a financial mission for the government. I am given a lesson by the Jew Boas. Monsieur d`Affry. Esther. Another Casanova. I meet Teresa Imer again.
CHAPTER VII My luck in Holland. I return to Paris with young Pompeati.
CHAPTER VIII Flattering reception from my patron. Madame d`Urfe`s delusions. Madame XCV and her family. Madame du Rumain.
CHAPTER IX I continue my intrigue with the attractive Miss XCV. Vain attempts to bring on an abortion. The aroph. Miss runs away and enters a convent.
CHAPTER X Further incidents. J. J. Rousseau. I establish a business. Castel-Bajac. An action at law is brought against me. Monsieur de Sartine.
CHAPTER XI I am examined. I give the court record clerk three hundred louis. The midwife and Castel-Bajac are sent to prison. Miss gives birth to a boy and obliges her mother to make me amends. My case is quashed. Miss leaves for Brussels and goes with her mother to Venice, where she becomes a great lady. My working girls. Madame Baret. I am robbed, imprisoned, and set free. I leave for Holland. Helvetius` Esprit. Piccolomini.
Extra informatie: 
Paperback, slap kaft
688 pagina's
Mei 1997
680 gram
210 x 133 x 38 mm
John Hopkins University Press

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