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Knutselen, DHZ
Cartwright, Peter Bricklaying
Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen

Peter Cartwright


€ 32.95

Taal / Language : English



Part I: Brickwork -- The Basics

Chapter 1: Introduction






Cutting Bricks with a Bolster or Saw

Poor Bonding

Chapter 2: Introductory Skills

Holding the Trowel

Knocking Up a Mortar Board

Picking Up Mortar from the Board

Throwing Out a Mortar Bed

Grasping the Brick

Buttering the Perpend

Buttering the Back Perpend

Laying Bricks

Laying Bricks Working Forward

Finding the Bond Vertically

Gauging Brickwork for Length

Gauging Brickwork for Height

Chapter 3: Setting Out the Job


Construction Site Set Out


Internal Corners

Moving up in Stepping Foundations

Working Out Window and Door Heights

Brickwork and Meeting upwith Soffits

Window Heights

Brickwork in Difficult Situations

Gauging Windows in Difficult Positions

Window and Door Sills

Tricks of the Trade

Making Sure Doors are Plumb, Level, and Square

Laying of the Sill (Brick Veneer Sills)

Buttering of Sill Bricks

Gauging Difficult Sills

Justifying a Gauge

Toothing Corners

Bonding Internal Walls



Bonding Engaged Piers with Queen and King Closures

Chapter 4: Scaffolding


Using the Brick Elevator

Chapter 5: Cavity Brickwork


Construction of a Cavity Brick Base

Laying Cavity Brickwork Structurally

Bond Beams on Cavity Brickwork

Cavity Brickwork--Used to Retain

Using Blocks as Beams Inside

Replacing Cleaning Eyes with Closures

Chapter 6: Full Brickwork

Fitting a Power Meter Box into 8` (200 mm) Brick Wall

Bricking Up to Installed Boxes

Using a Meter Box Bracket

Fitting Plumbing and Electrical into Full Brick Construction

Chapter 7: Miscellaneous Applications

Curved Walls

Squint Corners

Laying Hard Up Underneath Ant Cap From the Outside

Removal of Chipped or Cracked Bricks from Existing Brickwork

Chapter 8: Damp Proof Courses


Fitting DPC into Raked Ceilings

Fitting DPC into Single-Skin and Brick Veneer

Fitting DPC over Windows and Doors

Replacing Damp Course in Brickwork

Weep Holes

Chapter 9: Blocklaying


Laying the Bed Joint for Blocks

Laying Concrete Blocks

Block Window Sills

Fitting DPC at Floor Height or Below

Setting up Profiles on Clay or Concrete Blockwork

Working from the Inside

Set out Vertical Steel Fittings and Clay Blocks

Fitting of Steel

Fitting Windows

KO Beam over Openings

Window and Door Heads of Clay or Concrete Block

Fitting Steel Door Frames in Concrete or Clay Blockwork

Constructing Block Retaining Walls

Rebating to Allow Wall Drainage

Part II: Advanced Construction

Chapter 10: Introduction to Advanced Construction

Lintel Construction

Arch Supports

Cutting Brickwork on the Rake

Brick Ramp and Adjoining Steps

Brick Miter Box

Miter Corners

Brick Cap for 11 1/4` (350 mm) Piers

Fitting Ant Capping

Working Out a Brick, Block, or Clayblock Gable Without Trusses in Place

Setting Up for Uneven or Sloping Sites Using a Calculator

Chapter 11: Arches

Setting Up

Arch Forms

Chapter 12: Bay Windows


External Brick Corners on Bay Windows

Chapter 13: Setting up Profiles

Running Back to a Door Frame in a Veneer Situation

Chapter 14: Suspended Slab

Using Brickwork for Formwork

Chapter 15: Fireplace Construction

Setting Out

Forming the Throat

Smoke Box

Constructing the Flue

Position of the Fireplace in a Dwelling

Fireplace without Splayed Sides Internally

Fitting a Damper

Brick Hearth

Chimney Stack


Two-Story Fireplace Construction

Back-to-Back Fireplace

Fireplace Size

Fireplace Opening

Fireplace Problems--Too Much Smoke

Chapter 16: Repairing and Replacing

Repairing Cracks in Brickwork

Cracking Above Doors and Windows

Soldier Courses

Part III: Brickwork--Special Effects and Projects

Chapter 17: Construction of a Brick Kitchen

Chapter 18: Bars

Chapter 19: Barbeques

Conventional Brick Barbeque--560 bricks

Alternative Barbeque Design

Chapter 20: Construction of a Combined Brick Letterbox and Planterbox

Chapter 21: Honeycomb Brickwork

Chapter 22: Glass Bricks

Chapter 23: Brick Steps

Chapter 24: Using a Trammel

Chapter 25: Bricking in a Round Window

Chapter 26: Bulleye Arch

Chapter 27: Spiral Piers

Chapter 28: Inverted Arch

Chapter 29: Construction of Wood-Fuel Hot-Water System in Brick

Chapter 30: Brick Compost Bin Construction

Chapter 31: Spiral Arch Waterfall

Chapter 32: Mandala (Spiritual Circle)

Part IV: Brickwork--Tips and Tricks

Chapter 33: Finishing Off

Chapter 34: Quoting and Calculating the Number of Bricks in a Construction

Chapter 35: Contracting for a Living

Chapter 36: Employing Staff

Chapter 37: Eliminating Waste of Time

Chapter 38: Cleaning Brick and Blockwork

Timber Stains

Mortar Stains

Vanadium Stain

Acid Burn

Chapter 39: Experiments

Chapter 40: Further Reading

Chapter 41: Calculations

Using Tables for Calculation

Appendix A: Table of Brick Sizes

Appendix B: Brick Gauge


Extra informatie: 
Paperback / softback
320 pagina's
Januari 2002
522 gram
229 x 184 x 19 mm
McGraw-Hill Professional Pub us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen

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