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Carlos Reyes

RCadvisor`s Modifly

Design and Build From Scratch Your Own Modern Flying Model Airplane In One Day for Just $5

€ 16.95

Experience firsthand the joys of building and flying your very own model airplane design. Put into practice the lessons from my previous book, RCadvisor`s Model Airplane Design Made Easy. Follow along as we design, build, and fly a modern radio-controlled model airplane. Lofty Design Goals Incorporating the latest innovations and research results, the design looks deceptively simple. However, 20 prototypes had to be built before one finally met all the design goals:

- Build it in just one day for less than $5. - A joy to fly with no bad habits. - Build either a park flyer or an indoor slow flyer. - New pilots can fly it without ailerons. - Sturdy enough to survive hard landings. - Easy to build for new scratch builders. - Kid-friendly free flight glider version. - Use inexpensive electric power systems and radio gear. - Great starting point for your own unique designs.

You can easily find the construction materials for the airplane at local discount or craft stores. So what are you waiting for? An Inside Look at the Design Process The book starts by describing the goals and the long prototyping process that led to the final design. Along the way you get to see firsthand the challenges that creating an innovative design presents. Learn the reasoning behind all the decisions that led to this unique design. A stand-alone book, it is complemented nicely by RCadvisor`s online model airplane calculator and my first model airplane design book. Picking up where that book left off, it takes a very pragmatic approach to the entire design process. Carlos Reyes founded in 2007. He`s had a life-long love affair with aviation, building and flying model airplanes since childhood. He holds a Private Pilot-Glider license and is the Vice President of his local model airplane club. ADVANCE PRAISE `Carlos Reyes is quickly building a reputation as a talented and experienced RC model aircraft expert and author. His first book, titled RCadvisor`s Model airplane Design Made Easy, set the stage for what I`m sure will be a series of books that will allow a rank beginner to get a start and then progress to any desired level in our wonderful hobby. The amount of detail in this new book is incredible and will certainly apply to many other aircraft that you build as you grow in the hobby. Carlos Reyes has a truly enjoyable style of writing. Fun to read while you are learning so much at the same time! This new book is excellent for any age group be they young or old. This is absolutely A MUST READ! I can only imagine (and look forward to) what book number three will be like!` - Bob Aberle, AMA 215, Technical Editor, Model Aviation magazine `I was really hoping Carlos` next book would be informative, entertaining, helpful, and have a brilliant educational aspect for RC flying hobbyists. However, this book didn`t quite do this; it was BEYOND these expectations! Carlos kicks out another winner with this one. Yes, you can have entertaining and helpful media in RC other than podcasts!` - Jamie Burke, Host, `Invading the mind of a designer is an intriguing adventure. After reading just the first chapter about the goals, along with what did and didn`t work on the prototypes, I was eager to read on to see how the modified design worked out. Carlos

Taal / Language : English

Extra informatie: 
Paperback / softback
152 pagina's
Januari 2009 us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen