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Carbonell, Bettina

Museum Studies

An Anthology of Contexts

€ 204.55

Museum Studies: An Anthology of Contexts provides a comprehensive interdisciplinary collection of approaches to museums and their relation to history, culture, philosophy and their adoring or combative publics.

Brings together for the first time a wide array of texts that mix contemporary analysis with historical documentation.

Taal / Language : English

General Introduction: Museum / Studies And The Eccentric Space Of An Anthology.


Part I: Museology: A Collection Of Contexts:.

Editor s Introduction.

1. Foreword: Germain Bazin (Late Of L École Du Louvre).

2. The Museum: Its Classical Etymology And Renaissance Genealogy: Paula Findlen (Stanford University).

3. The Universal Survey Museum: Carol Duncan And Alan Wallach (Ramapo College; College Of William And Mary).

4. Brain Of The Earth s Body: Museums And The Framing Of Modernity: Donald Preziosi (University Of California, Los Angeles).

5. The Museum Refuses To Stand Still: Kenneth Hudson (Late, Independent Scholar).

6. The Mirror And The Tomb: Africa, Museums, And Memory: Françoise Lionnet (University Of California, Los Angeles).

7. Seeing Through Solidity: A Feminist Perspective On Museums: Gaby Porter: (Independent Scholar).

8. Museums Of `Human Suffering And The Struggle For Human Rights: Terence M. Duffy (University Of Ulster).


9. At The Holocaust Museum: Alice Friman (Independent Scholar).

Part II: States Of Nature In The Museum:.

Natural History, Anthropology, Ethnology.

Editor s Introduction.

10. To The Citizens Of The United States Of America: Charles Willson Peale (Late, Philadelphia Museum).

11. Letter Of 1863 To Mr. Thomas G. Cary: Louis Agassiz (Late Of Harvard University).

12. The Development Of Ethnological Museums: Robert Goldwater (Late Of The City University Of New York And New York University).

13. Museums Of Ethnology And Their Classification: Franz Boas (Late Of Columbia University).

14. The Constitution Of Nature: Taxonomy As Politics In Jefferson, Peale, And Bartram: Christopher Looby (University Of California, Los Angeles).

15. Magnificent Intentions: Washington, D.C., And American Anthropology In 1846: Curtis Hinsley (Northern Arizona University).

16. Ethnology: A Science On Display: Fabrice Grognet (Musée De l Homme).

17. Ambiguous Messages And Ironic Twists: Into The Heart Of Africa And The Other Museum: Enid Schildkrout (American Museum Of National History, New York, And Columbia University).

18. Thinking And Doing Otherwise: Anthropological Theory In Exhibitionary Practice: Mary Bouquet (University Of Utrecht).

19. Museum Matters: Gyan Prakash (Princeton University).


20. What White Publishers Won t Print: Zora Neale Hurston (Late, Independent Scholar).

Part III: The Status Of Nations And The Museum:.

Editor s Introduction.

21. Selections From On The Museum Of Art (Introductory Addresses On The Science And Art Department And The South Kensington Museum, Delivered 1857): J.C. Robinson (Late, Independent Scholar).

22. Museums And The Formation Of National And Cultural Identities: Annie E. Coombes (Birkbeck College, University Of London).

23. Fracturing The Imperial Mind: Eleanor Heartney (Independent Scholar).

24. Presidential Address To The Museums Association, Maidstone Conference, 1909: Henry Balfour (Late Of Pitt Rivers Museum And University Museum, Oxford).

25. Picturing Feminism, Selling Liberalism: The Case Of The Disappearing Holbein: Jordanna Bailkin (University Of Washington).

26. The Architectural Museum From World s Fair To Restoration Village: Edward N. Kaufman (Independent Scholar).

27. Addresses On The Occasion Of The Opening Of The American Wing, The Metropolitan Museum Of Art, NYC : Robert W. De Forest, Grosvenor Atterbury, Elihu Root.

28. Telling The Story Of America: Elizabeth Broun (Smithsonian American Art Museum).

29. Some Thoughts About National Museums At The End Of The Century: Roger G. Kennedy (Independent Scholar).


30. The Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford: James Fenton (Poet).

Part IV: Locating History In The Museum:.

Editor s Introduction.

31. Local Museums: Sir William Henry Flower (Late Of Anthropological Institute Of Great Britain And Ireland).

32. Memory, Distortion And History In The Museum: Susan Crane (University Of Arizona).

33. Collecting Ideas And Artifacts: Common Problems Of History Museums And History Texts: Thomas J. Schlereth (University Of Notre Dame).

34. Melodrama, Pantomime Or Portrayal? Representing Ourselves And The British Past Through Exhibitions In History Museums: Gaynor Kavanagh (Falmouth College Of Arts, Cornwall, UK).

35. Reality As Illusion, The Historic Houses That Become Museums: Mónica Risnicoff De Gorgas (Virrey Liniers Casa Museo Histórico Nacional, Argentina).

36. Artifacts As Expressions Of Society And Culture: Subversive Genealogy And The Value Of History: Mark Leone And Barbara Little (University Of Maryland; National Register Of Historic Places).

37. A Sense Of Another World: History Museums And Cultural Change: James Deetz (Late Of University Of Virgina).

38. Mining The Museum: Artists Look At Museums, Museums Look At Themselves: Lisa G. Corrin (Serpentine.

Gallery, London).


39. Other Icons, The Museums: Le Corbusier (Late, Independent Scholar).

Part V: Arts, Crafts, Audiences:.

Editor s Introduction.

40. The Museum As An Art Patron: John Cotton Dana (Late Of The Newark Museum).

41. Aims And Principles Of The Construction And Management Of Museums Of Fine Art: Benjamin Ives Gilman (Late.

Of The Museum Of Fine Arts, Boston, And American Association Of Museums).

42. Museum: Georges Bataille (Late Of The Collège De Sociologie).

43. Conclusion To The Love Of Art: Pierre Bourdieu, Alain Darbel With D. Schnapper (Late Of The Collège De France, Paris).

44. Art And The Future s Past: Philip Fisher (Harvard University).

45. Museums Without Collections: Museum Philosophy In West Africa: Malcolm Mcleod (University Of Glasgow).

46. Cultural Entrepreneurship In Nineteenth Century Boston, Part II: The Classification And Framing Of American Art: Paul Dimaggio (Princeton University).

47. Women At The Whitney, 1910 30: Feminism/Sociology/Aesthetics: Janet Wolff (Columbia University).

48. Zero Gravity: Maurice Berger (Independent Scholar).

49. Introduction To The Museum As Muse, Artists Reflect: Kynaston Mcshine (Museum Of Modern Art, New York).

50. Exhibiting Mestizaje: The Poetics And Experience Of The Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum: Karen Mary Davalos (Loyola Marymount University).

51. Resonance And Wonder: Stephen Greenblatt (Harvard University).

52. Changing Values In The Art Museum: Rethinking Communication And Learning: Eilean Hooper Greenhill (University Of Leicester).


53. Secrets Of Encounter: Barbara Kirshenblatt Gimblett (New York University).

Selected Bibliography.

Biographical Notes On Contributors.

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680 pagina's
Januari 2003
1361 gram
248 x 171 x 51 mm
Wiley-Blackwell us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen