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Caetano-Anollés, Gustavo

Evolutionary Genomics and Systems Biology

€ 161.30

A comprehensive, authoritative look at an emergent area in post-genomic scienceEvolutionary genomics is an up-and-coming, complex field that attempts to explain the biocompl

Taal / Language : English



Part I. Evolution of Life.

1. Evolutionary Genomics Leads the Way (David Penny and Lesley J. Collins).

2. Current Approaches to Phylogenomic Reconstruction (Denis Baurain and Hervé Philippe).

3. The Universal Tree of Life and the Last Universal Cellular Ancestor: Revolution and Counterrevolutions (Patrick Forterre).

4. Eukaryote Evolutions: The Importance of the Stem Group (Anthony M. Poole).

5. The Role of Information in Evolutionary Genomics of Bacteria (Antoine Danchin and Agnieszka Sekowska).

6. Evolutionary Genomics of Yeasts (Bernard Dujon).

Part II. Evolution of Molecular Repertoires.

7. Genotypes and Phenotypes in the Evolution of Molecules (Peter Schuster).

8. Genome Evolution Studies Through Protein Structure (Philip E. Bourne, Kristine Briedis, Christopher Dupont, Ruben Valas, and Song Yang).

9. Chromosomal Rearrangements in Evolution (Hao Zhao and Guillaume Bourque).

10. Molecular Structure and Evolution of Genomes (Todd A. Castoe, A. P. Jason de Koning, and David D. Pollock).

11. The Evolution of Protein Material Costs (Jason G. Bragg and Andreas Wagner).

12. Protein Domains as Evolutionary Units (Andrew D. Moore and Erich Bornberg Bauer).

13. Domain Family Analyses to Understand Protein Function Evolution (Adam James Reid, Sarah Addou, Robert Rentzsch, Juan Ranea, and Christine Orengo).

14. Noncoding RNA (Alexander Donath, Sven Findeiß, Jana Hertle, Manja Marz, Wolfgang Otto, Christine Schulz, Peter F. Stadler, and Stefan Wirth).

15. Evolutionary Genomics of microRNAs and Their Relatives (Andrea Tanzer, Markus Reister, Jana Hertel, Clara Isabel Bermudez Santana, Jan Gorodkin, Ivo L. Hofacker, and Peter F. Stadler).

16. Phylogenetic Utility of RNA Structure: Evolution s Arrow and Emergence of Early Biochemistry and Diversified Life (Feng Jie Sun, Ajith Harish, and Gustavo Caetano Anollés).

Part III. Evolution of Biological Networks.

17. A Hitchhiker s Guide to Evolving Networks (Charles G. Kurland and Otto G. Berg).

18. Evolution of Metabolic Networks (Eivind Almaas).

19. Single Gene and Whole Genome Duplications and the Evolution of Protein Protein Interaction Networks (Grigoris Amoutzias and Yves Van de Peer).

20. Modularity and Dissipation in Evolution of Macromolecular Structures, Functions, and Networks (Gustavo Caetano Anollés, Liudmila Yafremava, and Jay E. Mittenthal).

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480 pagina's
Januari 2010
1039 gram
261 x 184 x 34 mm
John Wiley & Sons Inc us

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