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Buyya, Rajkumar

High Performance Mass Storage and Parallel I/O

Technologies and Applications

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Due to the growth of Internet driven applications like digital libraries, virtual laboratories, video on demand, e commerce, web services, and collaborative systems, issues such as storage capacity and access speed have become critical in the design of today s computer systems.

Taal / Language : English



I. Introduction to Redundant Disk Array Architecture.

1. A Case for Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks (RAID).

2. Disk System Architectures for High Performance Computing.

3. The Performance of Parity Placements in Disk Arrays.

4. A Performance Comparison of RAID 5 and Log Structured Arrays.

II. Advanced Disk Array Architectures.

5. Parity Logging Overcoming the Small Write Problem in Redundant Disk Arrays.

6. Distributed RAID A New Multiple Copy Algorithm.

7. The HP AutoRAID Hierarchical Storage System.

8. Scalable Distributed Log Structured Arrays.

9. Comparison of Sparing Alternatives for Disk Arrays.

10. Destage Algorithms for Disk Arrays with Non Volatile Caches.

III. Fault Tolerance Issues in Disk Arrays.

11. Failure Correction Techniques for Large Disk Arrays.

12. Tolerating Multiple Failures in RAID Architectures with Optimal Storage and Uniform Declustering.

13. Parity Declustering for Continuous Operation in Redundant Disk Arrays.

14. The EVENODD Code and its Generalization.

IV. Caching and Prefetching.

15. RAPID Cache A Reliable and Inexpensive Write Cache for Disk I/O Systems.

16. Informed Prefetching and Caching.

17. Practical Prefetching Techniques for Multiprocessor File Systems.

18. Design Issues of a Cooperative Cache with no Coherence Problems.

19. Collective Buffering: Improving Parallel I/O Performance.

V. Parallel File Systems.

20. The Vesta Parallel File System.

21. The Zebra Striped Network File System.

22. PPFS: A High Performance Portable Parallel File System.

23. The Global File System.

24. Serverless Network File Systems.

VI. Parallel I/O Systems.

25. Parallel I/O Subsystems in Massively Parallel Supercomputer.

26. RAID II: A High Bandwidth Network File Server.

27. Petal: Distributed Virtual Disks.

28. A Cost Effective, High Bandwidth Storage Architecture.

29. RAID x: A New Distributed Disk Array for I/O Centric Cluster Computing.

30. Designing a Self Maintaining Storage System.

31. Modeling and Evaluation of Fibre Channel Storage Area Networks.

VII. Parallel I/O Programming Paradigms.

32. Overview of the MPI IO Parallel I/O Interface.

33. Disk Resident Arrays: An Array Oriented I/O Library for Out of Core Computations.

34. Active Disks: Programming Model, Algorithms and Evaluation.

35. Disk directed I/O for MIMD Multiprocessors.

VIII. Parallel I/O Applications and Environments.

36. Applications Driven Parallel I/O.

37. Comparing Multimedia Storage Architectures.

38. High Availability in Clustered Multimedia Servers.

39. An Architecture for a Scalable High Performance Digital Library.

40. I/O Requirements of Scientific Applications: An Evolutionary View.

41. Mitra: A Scalable Continuous Media Server.

IX. Emerging Technologies and Future Trends.

42. An Introduction to the InfiniBand Architecture.

43. XML, Hyper media, and Fortran I/O.

44. I/O Programming Paradigms: Past and Future.

45. Scientific Applications using Parallel I/O.

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688 pagina's
Januari 2001
1792 gram
273 x 216 x 32 mm
Wiley-Blackwell us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen