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Bucklin, Gincy Self

What Your Horse Wants You to Know

What Horses` "Bad" Behavior Means, and How to Correct It

€ 22.95

Listen to and communicate with your horse-successfully

"This is a book for everyone who has ever looked at the constantly increasing list of methods and systems marketed as `horsemanship` and wondered which of the many possible approaches would be most suitable for a particular behavior problem.

Taal / Language : English



Introduction: What You Need to Know to Help Your Horse.

Bathing: Afraid of the Hose.

Biting People.

Blankets: Fear of Blanketing.

Bridling: Fusses About His Ears.

Bridling: Raises or Throws Head When Removing.

Bridling: Won`t Open His Mouth.

Clipping, Resistance To.

Cold Weather Behavior.

Doctoring: Applying Eye Ointments.

Doctoring: Drenching.

Doctoring: Fear of Shots.

Doctoring: Soaking a Leg or a Foot.

Doctoring: Treating Wounds.

Ear-Shyness, Overcoming.

Feeding Problems: Bolting His Grain.

Feeding Problems: Making Noise While Waiting.

Feeding Problems: Picky Eater.

Feeding Problems: Throwing Grain Out of the Manger.

Feet, Refusing to Hold Up.

Feet, Refusing to Pick Up.

Feet: Refusing to Stand for the Farrier.

Gates, Problems With Arena.

Grazing in Hand Problems.

Grooming, Fussing or Fidgeting During.

Haltering, Resistance To.

Head-Shyness, Overcoming.

Kicking at Other Horses.

Kicking at People.

Leading, Breaking Away While.

Leading, Running Over Handler While.

Leading, Rushing Ahead While.

Leading, Spooking While.

Leading: Won`t Go When Asked.

Leg Wraps, Fussing About.

Longeing: Horse Won`t Start.

Longeing, Pulling Away While.

Longeing: Turning to Face You.

Mane Pulling, Resistance To.

Mounting, Moving During.


Panicking Against Crossties.

Panicking: Stepping on the Lead Rope or Reins.

Panicking When Caught in Something.

Panicking When Left Alone.

Pawing: Dangerous Striking.

Pawing for Treats.

Pawing From Nervousness.

Pawing: Mild Striking.

Personal Space: Bumping, Stepping on or Walking Into You.

Personal Space: Head Swinging.

Personal Space: Mugging for Treats.

Rearing as a Game.

Rearing When Being Led.

Saddling, Moving During.

Saddling: Problems While Being Cinched or Girthed Up.

Spooking at Familiar Objects.

Stall Problems: Breaking Out.

Stall Problems: Crowding.

Stall Problems: Fear of Doorways.

Stall Problems: Getting Cast.

Stall Problems: Kicking the Stall.

Stall Problems: Manure on the Wall, in the Manger or in the Water Bucket.

Stall Problems: Playing With the Water.

Stall Problems: Souring Ears or Charging the Bars.

Stall Problems: Turning the Tail to the Door.

Stall Problems: Walking and Weaving.

Stall Problems: Windsucking or Cribbing.

Trailering: Loading.

Trailering: Loading When You Can`t Do It Right.

Trailering: Pawing or Kicking While Underway.

Trailering: Scrambling.

Turnout, Breaking Away During.

Turnout: Bullying Other Horses.

Turnout: Charging.

Turnout: Chewing Wood.

Turnout: Refusing to Be Caught.

Tying: Chewing on the Rope.

Tying: Won`t Tie.


Appendix A: Resources.

Appendix B: Illustrated Glossary.

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Paperback / softback
208 pagina's
Januari 2003
340 gram
235 x 163 x 13 mm
Howell Book House us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen