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    Brown, Stephen,   Nicholson, Gordon,   Cavadino, Paul,Children Who Kill
    Children Who Kill
    An Examination of the Treatment of Juveniles Who Kill in Different European Countries
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    An examination of the treatment of juveniles who kill in different European countries. From the tragic Mary Bell and Jamie Bulger murder cases to events world-wide: An expert analysis of what is a global, not just a UK phenomenon. This unique and powerful account includes contributions by 25 legal, medical and psychiatric experts from Europe and CIS states including the author Gita Sereny, Allan Levy QC, Dr. Norman Tutt, Dr Susan Bailey and Peter Badge. There is a also a special chapter by Mary-Anne Kirvan on the position in Canada. Simply excellent and containing information and data not available elsewhere. Published in association with the British Juvenile and Family Courts Society (BJFCS).


    `Highly recommended`: The Law

    `A rich source of information`: British Journal of Social Work

    `If you work with children in any of the jurisdictions I think you should read this book`: Internet Law Book Reviews


    Paul Cavadino is principal information officer at the National Association for the Rehabilitation of Offenders (NACRO) and chair of the Penal Affairs Consortium. His other publications include Introduction to the Criminal Justice Process and Bail: The Law, Best Practice and the Debate (now out of print) both with Bryan Gibson.

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    Paperback / softback
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    Januari 1996
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    Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen