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Brown, Nicholas

Sea Urchin and Sea Cucumber Aquaculture

€ 261.95

Sea urchins and sea cucumbers are highly sought after delicacies growing in popularity globally. The demand for these species is rapidly outpacing natural stocks, and researchers and seafood industry personnel are now looking towards aquaculture as a means of providing a sustainable supply of these organism.

Taal / Language : English


Part 1: Biology and Exploitation of Echinoderms

1. Biology of Sea Urchins
Larry G. Harris and Stephen D. Eddy

2. Exploitation of Sea Urchins
Jenny Sun and Fu-Sung Chiang

3. Sea Cucumber Biology and Ecology
Matthew Slater and Jiaxin Chen

4. Use and Exploitation of Sea Cucumbers
Matthew Slater

Part 2:  Sea Urchin Aquaculture

5. Sea Urchin Aquaculture in Japan
Tatsuya Unuma

6. Sea Urchin Aquaculture in China
Hui Liu, Ya-qing Chang

7. Sea Urchin Aquaculture in Norway
P. James, S. I. Siikavuopio, A. Mortensen

8. Sea Urchin Aquaculture in Maine, USA
Stephen D. Eddy, Nicholas P. Brown, Larry G. Harris

9. Sea Urchin Aquaculture in Scotland
Maeve Kelly, Stefano Carboni, Elizabeth Cook and Adam Hughes

10. Sea Urchin Aquaculture in Australia
Jane E. Williamson

11. Sea Urchin Aquaculture in New Zealand
M.F. Barker

12. Sea Urchin Gonad Enhancement
Charles W. Walker, S.A. Böttger, Tatsuya Unuma, Stephen A. Watts, Larry G. Harris, Addison L. Lawrence and Stephen D. Eddy

Part 3: Sea Cucumber Aquaculture

13. Sea Cucumber Aquaculture in Japan
H. Katow, S. Okumura, Y. Sakai and C. Shibuya

14. Sea Cucumber Aquaculture in China
Jiaxin Chen, Yaqing Chang

15. Sea Cucumber Aquaculture in Southeast Asia
Ambu Tuwo and Joeharnani Tresnati

16. Sea Cucumber Aquaculture in New Zealand
P. Heath, J. Stenton Dozey and A. Jeffs

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384 pagina's
Januari 2015
894 gram
250 x 175 x 23 mm
Wiley-Blackwell us
Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen