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Brawardky, Sandee

212 Views of Central Park

Experiencing New York City's Jewel from Every Angle

€ 37.95

A glorious souvenir of Manhattan's unique urban arcadia, 212 Views of Central Park shows the Park from every vantage point of its 843 acres, through every season. The book shares the experience of being in Central Park with out-of-town visitors and New York residents alike -- an experience as varied as the Park's many structures, landscapes, activities, and environments. The Park may contain any number of views within its borders, but only one number signals its prime location -- "212" equals Manhattan, the heart of New York City. Each of the eight sections and accompanying essays by award-winning journalist Sandee Brawarsky approaches the park from a different, slightly unexpected viewpoint, exploring its borders, its hidden places, and its public amusements, among other pleasures. From Belvedere Castle to the Bow Bridge, the views recall a past era of picture postcards, grand tours, and the Seven Wonders of the World, yet they celebrate a completely contemporary wonder -- the first public park built in America and, over a century later, still New York's favorite place. -- Mick Hales's incomparable photographs create a magnetic vision of Central Park -- neither a history nor a guidebook, but an experience -- Includes a map of Central Park -- Celebrates the Park as an enduring, living element of the city -- at a time when there is increased interest in and goodwill toward New York -- Central Park offers something for almost everyone -- joggers, birders, gardeners, architects, photographers, more than 20 million visitors each year! -- and so does this book

Taal / Language : English

Map of Central Park
Introduction 11(6)
Forward and Back {12-36}
Crossings {37-61}
Rooted in Place {62-86}
Overlooks {87-111}
Water Views {112-136}
Private Spaces {137-161}
Gatherings {162-186}
Changing Vistas {187-212}
Extra informatie: 
160 pagina's
Januari 2002
1066 gram
273 x 235 x 19 mm
Harry N Abrams Inc gb

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen