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Benvenuto, Nevio

Communication Systems

Fundamentals and Design Methods

€ 89.95

This book sets out to address the fundamental theory of communication systems, providing models for transmission systems and analytical tools for evaluating their performance. The relationship between performance and link parameters is developed.

Taal / Language : English



1 Preliminaries on Deterministic and Random Signals.

1.1 Time and frequency domain representation.

1.2 Energy and power.

1.3 Systems and transformations.

1.4 Bandwidth.

1.5 Representation of passband signals.

1.6 Random variables and vectors.

1.7 Random processes.

1.8 Systems with random inputs and outputs.

2 Characterization of Transmission Media and Devices.

2.1 Two terminal devices.

2.2 Two port networks.

2.3 Transmission system model.

2.4 Transmission media.

3 Analog Modulation Systems.

3.1 Principle and system model.

3.2 Linear modulation.

3.3 Amplitude modulation (AM).

3.4 Phase locked loop (PLL).

3.5 Angular modulation.

3.6 Comparison of analog modulation systems.

3.7 Frequency division multiplexing multiple access.

3.8 Super heterodyne receiver.

3.9 Examples of application.

4 Digital Modulation Systems.

4.1 The space of signals.

4.2 Digital modulation theory.

4.3 Binary modulation.

4.4 M ary modulation.

4.5 The digital modulation system.

4.6 Examples of digital modulations.

4.7 Comparison of digital modulation systems.

5 Digital Transmission of Analog Signals.

5.1 Digital representation of waveforms.

5.2 Digital transmission of analog signals.

5.3 Time division multiplexing (TDM).

5.4 Examples of application.

6 Transmission over Dispersive Channels.

6.1 Channel model.

6.2 Baseband digital transmission (PAM systems).

6.3 Passband digital transmission (QAM systems).

6.4 Analysis of amplitude modulated systems.

6.5 Intersymbol interference.

6.6 Performance analysis.

6.7 Application examples.

7 Elements of Information Theory, Source and Channel Coding.

7.1 Information and entropy.

7.2 Source coding.

7.3 Channel coding.

7.4 Channel capacity.

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548 pagina's
Januari 2006
1179 gram
254 x 171 x 38 mm
Wiley-Blackwell us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen