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Sport en spel
Sport en spel algemeen
Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen

Daniel Beard

Camp-Lore and Woodcraft

€ 12.95

Taal / Language : English

Fire Making By Friction
How To Make A Fire-Board, Bow, Drill And Thimble.
Indian Legend Of The Source Of Fire.
Record Fire-Makers.
Rubbing-Stick Outfit.
Eskimo Thimble.
Bow, Bow-String, Thimble, Fire-Board, Fire-Pan.
Tinder, Charred Rags, Puff Balls.
Fire-Makers of the Balkan.
Fire Without a Bow, Co-Li-Li, The Fire Saw.
Fire Pumping of the Iroquois.
Pybopneumatic Apparatus
Fire Making by Percussion
The White Man`s Method, How to Use Flint and Steel.
Where to Obtain the Flint and Steel.
Chucknucks, Punk Boxes, Spunks and Matches.
Real Lucifer Matches.
Slow Match.
How to Catch the Spark.
Substitutes for Flint and Steel
How To Build A Fire
How to Lay and Light a Fire.
An Experience with Tenderfeet.
Modern Fear of Doing Manual Labor.
Fire-Makers and Babylonians.
The Palpitating Heart of the Camp.
Gummy Fagots of the Pine.
How to Make a Fire in Wet Weather.
Backwoodsmen`s Fire.
The Necessity of Small Kindling Wood.
Good Firewood.
Advantage of Split Wood.
How to Open a Knife.
How to Whittle, How to Split a Stick With a Knife.
Bonfires and Council.
Camp Meeting Torch Fires.
Exploding Stones.
Character in Fire.
Slow Fires, Signal Fires and Smudges
How To Lay A Good Cooking Fire
A Personal Experience On Short Rations.
The Most Primitive of Cooking Outfits.
Camp Pot-Hooks, The Gallow-Crook, The Potclaw, The Hake, The Gib, The Speygelia and the Saster.
Telegraph Wire Cooking Implements, Wire Grid-Iron, Skeleton Camp Stove.
Cooking Fires, Fire-Dogs, Roasting Fire-Lay, Camp-Fire Lay, Belmore Lay, Frying Fire Lay, Baking Fire Lay.
The Aures Crane
Camp Kitchens
Camp Pit-Fires, Bean Holes.
Cowboy Fire-Hole.
Chinook Cooking Fire-Hole.
The Gold Digger`s Oven.
The Ferguson Camp Stove.
The Adobe Oven.
The Altar Campfire Place.
Camp Kitchen For Hikers, Scouts, Explorers, Surveyors And Hunters.
How To Cook Meat, Fish And Bread Without Pots, Pans Or Stoves.
Dressing Small Animals.
How to Barbecue Large Animals
Camp Food
How to Make Ash Cake, Pone, Corn Dodgers, Flapjacks, Johnny-Cake, Biscuits and Doughgod.
Making Dutch Ovens.
Banquets in the Open.
How to Cook Beaver Tail, Porcupines and Muskbats.
Camp Stews, Brunswick Stews and Burgoos
Packing Horses
How To Make A Pack Horse Of Your Own.
How To Make An Apareio.
How To Make A Cincha.
How To Make A Latigo.
How To Throw A Diamond Hitch.
How To Throw A Squaw Hitch.
How To Hitch A Horse In Open Land Without Post, Tree Or Stick Or Stone.
Use of Hobbles and How to Make Them.
How the Travois is Made and Used.
Buffalo Bill and General Miles.
How To Terow Down a Saddle.
How To Throw A Saddle on a Horse.
How to Mount a Horse.
How to Know a Western Horse
The Use of Dogs. Man Packing
Hiking Dogs, Pack Dogs.
How to Pack a Dog.
How to Throw The Dog Hitch.
How to Make Dog Travois.
Dog As A Beast Of Burden In Europe And Arctic America.
Man Packing.
Pack Rats.
Don`t Fight Your Pack.
Portage Pack.
Great Men Who Have Carried A Pack.
Kinds of Packs.
Alpine Rucksack.
Origin of Broad Breast Straps.
Make Your Own Outfits
Preparing For Camping Trip
Porters of the Portage.
Old-Time Indian Fighters and Wild Animals.
Modern Stampede For The Open.
How To Get Ready For Camp.
Cut Your Finger Nails.
Go To Your Dentist.
Get a Hair Cut.
A Buckskin Man`s Pocket.
Fly Dope.
Protection Against Black Flies, Mosquitoes, Midgets and No-See-UMS.
The Call of the Wild
How to Choose a Saddle.
Evolution of the Mexican Saddle.
Birth of the Bloff Fronted Saddle.
The Cowbot Age.
Sawbucks Or Pack Saddles.
Straight Leg and Bent Knee.
Names of Parts Op Saddle.
Center Fire and Double Cinch
Choosing a Camp Site
`Ware Single Trees or Small Groups of Trees.
Safety in Woods or Forest.
Keep Your Eyes Open For Good Camp Sites.
Cross Streams While Crossing is Good.
Keep to Windward of Mosquito Holes.
`Ware Ants` Nests.
How to Tell When Wind Blows.
Evolution of the Shack.
How to Sweep.
How To Make Camp Beds.
How to Divide Camp Work.
Tent Pegs.
How to Pitch a Tent Single-Handed.
How to Ditch a Tent.
Use of Shears, Gins and Tripods
Axe and Saw
Our Greatest Axeman.
Importance of the Axe.
What Kind of Axe to Use.
How to Swing an Axe.
How to Remove a Broken Axe Handle.
How to Tighten the Handle in the Head.
The Brains of an Axe.
Etiquette of the Axe.
How to Sharpen an Axe.
How to ``Fall`` a Tree.
How to Swamp.
How to Make a Beetle or Mall.
How to Harden Green Wood.
How to Make a Firewood Hod.
How to Make a Cropping Block.
The Proper Way to Chop.
How to Make Sawbucks for Logs.
How to Use a Parbuckle.
How to Split a Log. How to Use a Sawpit
Council Grounds and Fires
Cherokee Indian Council Barbecue.
Camp Meeting Council Ground.
The Indian Palisaded Council Fire.
Indian Legends of the Fire.
Stealing the Fire From the Sun-Maidens of the East.
Myths of the Mewan Indians.
Totems of the Four Winds, Four Mountains and Four Points of the Compass.
Impractical Council Fires.
Advantages of the Oval Council Ground.
How to Make an Ellipse.
How to Divide the Council Ground in Four Courts.
Council Ceremonies.
Ghost Walk and Path of Knowledge.
What the Different Colors Stand For.
Patriotism, Poetry and Americanism.
Camp Meeting Torch Fires
Ritual of the Council Fire
Program of a Council Fire.
The Pledge and Creed of all Americans.
Extra informatie: 
Paperback / softback
263 pagina's
Januari 2006
318 gram
210 x 133 x 13 mm

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen