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B. Austin Barry

Construction Measurements

€ 225.95

The past decade and a half have seen a virtual revolution in equipment and procedures for field and office measurement. Transits have become nearly 100% optical, electronic distance measuring is now standard, hand held calculators and microcomputers are increasingly evident, and the use of satellites for positioning ground points will soon be practical. These dramatic developments have prompted this second edition of Construction Measurements. Updated and expanded, Construction Measurements, Second Edition gives you clear, accurate coverage of:

  • The new technology of Global Positioning, the positioning of an occupied station on the geoidal surface by means of satellites
  • The use of electronic distance measurement
  • New procedures such as the use of lasers in construction, " radial surveying," inertial surveying, and others
  • Application of calculators, computers and computers software
Construction Measurements, Second Edition continues its comprehensive coverage of traditional topics as well. You’ll find chapters on difference of elevation, distance measuring by taping, laying out angles, stakes, and hubs, control marks, shafts and tunnels, offshore measurements, and more. Working appendices provide details on special problems and optics. Invaluable as a reference, review or tutorial, Construction Measurements, Second Edition will serve surveyors, construction contractors, and engineers.

Taal / Language : English

Elements of Construction Measurement.

Difference of Elevation.

Distance Measurements by Taping.

Angle Measurements and Directions.

Distance Measurements by Other Methods.

Laying Out Angles.

Stakes, Hubs, and Control Marks for Construction.

Coordinate Surveying and Layout.

Principles of Construction Layout.

Building Construction Layout.

Trenching and Pipelaying.

Highway Planning and Initial Layout.

Horizontal Circular Curves.

Vertical Parabolic Curves.

Staking Layout of Highways.

Shafts and Tunnels.

Offshore Measurements.

Random Field and Office Techniques.

Measurement of Areas and Volumes.

Volume Computations.

Appendix A: Units of Measurement.

Appendix B: The Laser.

Appendix C: Three Wire Leveling.

Appendix D: Topographic Maps, Contours, and Photogrammetry.

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368 pagina's
Januari 1988
652 gram
240 x 180 x 25 mm
John Wiley & Sons us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen