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Ballard, Barbara

Designing the Mobile User Experience

€ 79.95

The author provides the professional with an understanding of the users, technologies, design principles, techniques and industry players unique to the mobile and wireless space.

Taal / Language : English


About the Author.

1 Introduction: Mobility is Different.

1.1 Mobilizing Applications.

1.2 What is `Mobile Anyhow?

1.3 The Carry Principle.

1.4 Components of a Mobile Application.

1.5 About This Book.

2 Mobile Users in the Wild.

2.1 Mobile User Characteristics.

2.2 Groups and Tribes.

2.3 International Differences.

3 Mobile Devices.

3.1 A Device Taxonomy.

3.2 Anatomy of the PCD.

4 Selecting Application Technologies.

4.1 Input Modalities.

4.2 Interaction Responsiveness.

4.3 Data Storage Locations.

4.4 Display Modality.

4.5 Supplemental Technologies.

4.6 Distribution Methods.

4.7 Other Concerns.

4.8 Platforms.

5 Mobile Design Principles.

5.1 Mobilize, Don t Miniaturize.

5.2 User Context.

5.3 Handling Device Proliferation.

5.4 Emulators and Simulators.

5.5 Detailed Design Recommendations.

6 Mobile User Interface Design Patterns.

6.1 About User Interface Patterns.

6.2 Screen Design.

6.3 Application Navigation.

6.4 Application Management.

6.5 Advertising.

7 Graphic and Media Design.

7.1 Composition for the Small Screen.

7.2 Video and Animation.

7.3 Sound.

7.4 Streaming versus Downloaded Content.

7.5 Managing Media: Meta Data.

8 Industry Players.

8.1 Carriers (Operators).

8.2 Device Manufacturers.

8.3 Technology and Platform Providers.

8.4 Application and Content Developers.

8.5 Content Distributors.

8.6 Industry Associations.

8.7 Government.

9 Research and Design Process.

9.1 Mobile Research Challenges.

9.2 User Research.

9.3 Design Phase Testing.

9.4 Application Usability Testing.

9.5 Market Acceptance (beta) Testing.

10 Example Application: Traveler Tool.

10.1 User Requirements.

10.2 Product Requirements.

10.3 High level Design Concepts.

10.4 Detailed Design Plan.


A: Mobile Markup Languages.

B: Domain Names.

C: Minimum Object Resolution.

D: Opt In and Opt Out.

E: Mobile Companies.


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260 pagina's
Januari 2007
500 gram
236 x 157 x 22 mm
Wiley-Blackwell us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen