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Arora, Ravindra

High Voltage and Electrical Insulation Engineering

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This unique resource features a novel approach to describing the fundamental concept of field dependent behavior of dielectrics subjected to high voltage. It begins with the description of fundamental terminology in the subject of high voltage engineering.

Taal / Language : English

1. Introduction.

1.1 Electric Charge and Discharge.

1.2 Electric & Management Fields and Electromagnetics.

1.3 Dielectric and Electrical Insulation.

1.4 Electrical Breakdown.

1.5 Corona, Streamer and Aurora.

1.6 Capacitance and Capacitor.

2. Electric Fields, their Control and Estimation.

2.1 Electric Field Intensity, `E`.

2.2 Breakdown and Electric Strength of Dielectrics, `Eb`.

2.3 Classification of Electric Fields.

2.4 Control of Electric Field Intensity (Stress Control).

2.5 Estimation of Electric Field Intensity.

3. Field dependent Behaviour of Air and other Gaseous Dielectrics.

3.1 Fundamentals of Field Assisted Generation of Charge Carriers.

3.2 Breakdown in uniform and weakly nonuniform fields.

3.3 Breakdown in Extremely Nonuniform Fields and Corona.

3.4 Electric Arcs and Their Characteristics.

3.5 Properties of Sulphurhexafluoride, SF6 Gas and Its Application in Electrical Installations.

4. Lightning and Ball Lightning, Development Mechanisms, Deleterious Effects and Protection.

4.1 The Globe, a Capacitor.

4.2 Mechanisms of lightning strike.

5. Electrical Properties of Vacuum as High Voltage Insulation.

5.1 Prebreakdown Electron Emission in Vacuum.

5.2 Prebreakdown Conduction and Spark Breakdown in Vacuum.

5.3 Vacuum as Insulation in Space Applications.

5.4 Conclusion.

6. Liquid Dielectrics, their Classification, Properties and Breakdown Strength.

6.1 Classification of Liquid Dielectrics.

6.2 Dielectric Properties of Insulating Materials.

6.3 Breakdown in Liquid Dielectrics.

6.4 Ageing in Mineral Insulating Oils.

7. Solid Dielectrics, their Sources, Properties and Behaviour in Electric Fields.

7.1 Classification of Solid Insulting Materials.

7.2 Partial Breakdown in Solid Dielectrics.

7.3 Breakdown and Prebreakdown Phenomena in Solid. 
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394 pagina's
Januari 2011
698 gram
242 x 162 x 25 mm
Wiley-Blackwell us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen