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Paul M. Anderson

Power System Control and Stability

€ 211.95

Analyzes the dynamic performance of interconnected power systems.
Examines the characteristics of the various components of a power system during normal operating conditions and during disturbances.
Explores the detailed mathematical models of system components and analyzes the system behavior using the necessary computational tools.

Taal / Language : English

Part I: Introduction.
Chapter 1: Power System Stability.
Chapter 2: The Elementary Mathematical Model.
Chapter 3: System Response to Small Disturbances.
Part II: The Electromagnetic Torque.
Chapter 4: The Synchronous Machine.
Chapter 5: The Simulation of Synchronous Machines.
Chapter 6: Linear Models of the Synchronous Machine.
Chapter 7: Excitation Systems.
Chapter 8: Effect of Excitation on Stability.
Chapter 9: Multimachine Systems with Constant Impedance Loads.
Part III: The Mechanical Torque Power System Control and Stability.
Chapter 10: Speed Governing.
Chapter 11: Steam Turbine Prime Movers.
Chapter 12: Hydraulic Turbine Prime Movers.
Chapter 13: Combustion Turbine and Combined-Cycle Power Plants.
Appendix A: Trigonometric Identities for Three-Phase Systems.
Appendix B: Some Computer Methods for Solving Differential Equations.
Appendix C: Normalization.
Appendix D: Typical System Data.
Appendix E: Excitation Control System Definitions.
Appendix F: Control System Components.
Appendix G: Pressure Control Systems.
Appendix H: The Governor Equations.
Appendix I: Wave Equations for a Hydraulic Conduit.
Appendix J: Hydraulic Servomotors.
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672 pagina's
Januari 2002
1361 gram
260 x 171 x 38 mm
Wiley-Blackwell us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen