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Anderson, James C. Basic Structural Dynamics
Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen

James C. Anderson

Basic Structural Dynamics

€ 143.95

This book is intended as a basic introduction to the topic of structural dynamics for undergraduate civil and structural engineering students.

Taal / Language : English

Chapter 1 Basic Concepts of Structural Dynamics

1.1 The Dynamic Environment

1.2 Types of Dynamic Loading

1.3 Basic Principles

1.4 Dynamic Equilibrium

Chapter 2 Single-Degree-of-Freedom Systems

2.1 Reduction of Degrees of Freedom

2.2 Time-Dependent Force

2.3 Gravitational Forces

2.4 Earthquake Ground Motion

2.5 Formulation of Equation of Motion

2.6 Generalized Coordinates

Chapter 3 Free Vibration Response of Sdof Systems

3.1 Undamped Free Vibration

3.2 Damped Free Vibration

Chapter 4 Response to Harmonic Loading

4.1 Undamped Dynamic System

4.2 Damped Dynamic System

4.3 A Tripartite Logarithmic Plot

4.4 Evaluation of Damping

4.5 Seismic Accelerometers and Displacement Meters (Seismographs)

Chapter 5 Response to Impulse Loads

5.1 Rectangular Pulse

5.2 Damped Rectangular Pulse

5.3 Triangular Pulse

5.4 Approximate Analysis for Short Duration Impulse Load

Chapter 6 Response to Arbitrary Dynamic Loading

6.1 Duhamel Integral

6.2 Numerical Formulation of the Equation of Motion

6.3 Numerical Integration Methods

6.4 Newmark’s Numerical Method

Chapter 7 Multiple Degree of Freedom Systems

7.1 Elastic Properties

7.2 Undamped Free Vibration

7.3 Free Vibration

7.4 Betti’s Law

7.5 Orthogonality Properties of Mode Shapes

7.6 Changing Coordinates (Inverse Transformation)

7.7 Holzer Method for Shear Buildings

7.8 Axial Load Effects (Linear Approximation)

7.9 Modal Equations for Undamped Time Dependent Force Analysis

7.10 Modal Equations of Damped Forced Vibration

7.11 Modal Equations for Seismic Response Analysis

Chapter 8 Nonlinear Response of Multi-degree of Freedom Systems

8.1 Static Nonlinear Analysis

8.2 Dynamic Nonlinear Analysis

8.3 MATLAB Applications

Chapter 9 Seismic Response of Structures

9.1 Introduction

9.2 Linear Elastic Response Spectra (LERS)

9.3 Elastic Design Response Spectrum

9.4 Earthquake Response of SDOF Systems

9.5 Earthquake Response Analysis of MDOF Systems

9.6 Structural Dynamics in the Building Code

Equivalent Lateral Force Procedure

Modal Response Spectrum Procedure

APPENDIX - Historical Development of Building Code Seismic Provisions

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288 pagina's
Januari 2012
522 gram
235 x 162 x 20 mm
John Wiley & Sons us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen