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Tomi T. Ahonen

Services for UMTS

Creating Killer Applications in 3G

€ 121.95

"This book is a must read if you want to understand options, future services and dream about them from a rock solid standpoint." Roberto Saracco, Director, Future Centre, Telecom Italia Lab

"This book should help telecom operators, equipment manufacturers, content providers and the capital markets manage their $1 trillion bet on the success of 3G." Assaad Razzouk, Deputy Head of Global Corp Finance, Nomura International plc

"The authors provide an insightful discussion into a wealth of service possibilities that could be delivered by UMTS." Dr Stanley Chia, Director, Group R&D US, Vodafone

"A welcome change from the technology led literature, Service for UMTS focuses on the services and applications end of the mobile multimedia world." Dr Didier Bonnet, Global Head of Strategic and Business Consulting, Telecom and Media Practice, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young

"This book explains some of the compelling services the players in the wireless industry will be able to develop and deploy based on the 3G and 4G infrastructure." Jeff Lawrence, Director of Technology, Intel

"This is certainly the most comprehensive work I have seen on the subject. The book explains how varous elements of technology, product development and system integration have come together to build successful 3G services." Regina Nilsson, Director, Telecom Practice, PwC Consulting, Northern Business Unit

Taal / Language : English

Foreword (Hadden).

Acknowledgements (Ahonen and Barrett).

Intro to UMTS services
The Future Starts Here (Barrett and Ahonen).

Attributes of Services for UMTS
What Makes for Desirable Services (Ahonen and Barrett).

The 5M s of UMTS services
Killer Wanted (Ahonen and Barrett).

Services to Address Movement Needs
Escaping the Fixed Place (Keskinen et al).

Services to Address Moment Needs
Expanding the Concept of Time (Keskinen et al).

Services to Address the `Me` Needs
Extending Me and My Community (Anderson et al).

Services to Address Money Needs
Expending Financial Resources (Ahonen and Barrett).

Services to Address Machine Needs
Empowering Gadgets and Devices (Barrett and Ahonen).

Types of UMTS Services
Categorising the Future (Barrett et al).

Marketing UMTS Services
Segment, Segment, Segment! (Rastas et al).

Competitiveness in UMTS
The Winner Takes It All (Barrett et al).

Partnering in UMTS
When you cannot do all of it alone (Ereth et al).

Business Case for UMTS
Revenues, Costs and Profitability (Ahonen and Barrett).

Technical Primer to UMTS
WCDMA Technology for the Layman (Holma and Toskala).

Final Thoughts (Ahonen and Barrett).

Service Vignettes (throughout the book) (Ahonen).



Useful Websites.

Services Index.
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392 pagina's
Januari 2002
689 gram
238 x 151 x 27 mm
Wiley-Blackwell us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen