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A.B. Breebaart,Clio and antiquity
Clio and Antiquity
History and historiography of the Greek and Roman world
Amsterdamse Historische Reeks, Grote Serie 2
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The retirement of prof dr. A.B. Breebaart as professor of Ancient History at the University of Amsterdam signals the end of a period of 24 years, during which he left his own specific remark on the study of ancient history in Amsterdam. Prof. Breebaart's main interest was historiography. In all of his articles he deals with the question of how Ancient authors treated their past. On the occasion of his retirement the Department of Ancient History has decided to publish a number of prof. Breebaart's articles in one volume. They offer an insight into the versatility of his mind and knowledge and show how he approaches highly divergent themes in a most original matter.

Contents: Preface Tyrants and monarchs in the Greek world of the fourth century BC;
The figure of Anacharsis in Herodotus;
Plutarch and the political development of Pericles;
Plebs and soldiers. Social history and mass psychology in Tacitus;
The freedom of the intellectual in the Roman world;
Augustus' behaviour. Role-play and expectations;
Aspects of the divorce between East and West in the fourth century;
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Extra informatie:
Amsterdamse Historische Reeks Grote Serie 2
128 pagina's
Met illustraties
Juli 1987
EAN: 9789065503107
uitgeverij Verloren b.v.

Levertijd: 5 tot 7 werkdagen