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The Handbook of Translation and Cognition

€ 195.60

The Handbook of Translation and Cognition is a pioneering, state-of-the-art investigation of cognitive approaches to translation and interpreting studies (TIS).

Taal / Language : English


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Notes on Contributors


Part I: Introduction

1. Translation and cognition: An overview
Aline Ferreira and John W. Schwieter

Part II: Theoretical Advances

2. Translation process research
Arnt Lykke Jakobsen

3. Models of the translation process
Michael Carl and Moritz Schaeffer

4. Cognition and reception
Haidee Kruger and Jan-Louis Kruger

5. Directionality in translation
Aline Ferreira and John W. Schwieter

6. Mental representations
Celia Martín de León

7. Aspects of a cognitive model of translation
Gregory M. Shreve and Isabel Lacruz

8. Bilingualism in cognitive translation and interpreting studies
John W. Schwieter and Aline Ferreira

9. Recognizing social aspects of translation
Sonia Vandepitte

10. Intralingual translation
Boguslawa Whyatt

Part III: Methodological Innovations

11. Multimethod approaches
Sandra L. Halverson

12. Verbal reports
Riitta Jääskeläinen

13. EEG and universal language processing in translation
Silvia Hansen-Schirra

14. Eye tracking in translation process research
Kristian T. Hvelplund

15. Corpus-based insights into cognition
Patricia Rodríguez-Inés

16. Ethnographies of translation and situated cognition
Hanna Risku

Part IV: Translator and Workplace Characteristics

17. Machine translation and cognition
Sharon O Brien

18. An ergonomic perspective of translation
Maureen Ehrensberger-Dow

19. The role of creativity
Ana Rojo

20. The role of emotions
Ana Rojo

21. Cognitive effort in translation, editing, and post-editing
Isabel Lacruz

22. Cognitive functions of translation in L2 writing
Susanne Göpferich

Part V: Competence, Training, and Interpreting

23. Expertise and competence in translation and interpreting
Elisabet Tiselius and Adelina Hild

24. Interpretation and cognition
Barbara Ahrens

25. Multimodal processing in simultaneous interpreting
Kilian G. Seeber

26. Deliberate practice and neurocognitive optimization of translation expertise
Bruce J. Diamond and Gregory M. Shreve

27. Translation competence development and process-oriented pedagogy
Gary Massey

28. Implicit theories and conceptual change in translator training
Marisa Presas

Part VI: Moving Forward

29. Evolution, challenges, and perspectives for research on cognitive aspects of translation
Fabio Alves and Amparo Hurtado Albir

30. Looking towards the future of cognitive translation studies
Ricardo Muñoz Martín


Endorsements (to appear on back cover)
Erik Angelone, Birgitta Englund Dimitrova, Yves Gambier, Daniel Gile

Extra informatie: 
600 pagina's
Januari 2017
1068 gram
250 x 171 x 33 mm
John Wiley & Sons Inc gb

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen