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Kunst: Technieken
Theatertheorie en -techniek
Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen

Performing the Remembered Present

The Cognition of Memory in Dance, Theatre and Music

€ 122.05

`This international collection brings together scientists, scholars, and artist-researchers from four continents to explore the cognition of memory through the performing arts and examine artistic strategies that target cognitive processes of memory and learning. The strongly embodied and highly trained memory systems of performing artists render artistic practice a rich context for understanding how memory is formed, utilized, and adapted through interaction with others and active engagement with tasks,instruments and environments. Using methods of scientific experimentation, practice-based research, and analytical case studies that bridge disciplines, the authors pursue questions about the following subjects: embodiment and amnesia in collectively distributed memory; memory triggers in performance creation and reception; the journey from explicit learning to implicit skill acquisition in performance training; the relationship between memory and creative spontaneity; memorization and gesture, and the augmentation of identification through performance recall. This volume provides an unprecedented resource for scientists, scholars, artists, teachers, and students looking for insight into the cognition of memory in performance, new learning and performance strategies, and interdisciplinary research methodology`-

Taal / Language : English

Extra informatie: 
267 pagina's
Januari 2017
512 gram
216 x 138 x 28 mm
Bloomsbury Academic Methuen gb

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen

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Theatertheorie en -techniek

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