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Biologie algemeen

Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

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Taal / Language : English

Preface ix
Colour pages xi
1. The challenge of non-experimental validation of MAC plants: towards a multivariate model of transcultural utilization of medicinal, aromatic and cosmetic plants
L.J. Slikkerveer (The Netherlands)
2. Medicinal plants and tomorrow`s pharmacy: an American perspective
L.E. Craker and Z.E. Gardner (USA)
3. Cultivation of medicinal plants as a tool for biodiversity conservation and poverty alleviation in the Amatola region, South Africa
K.F. Wiersum (The Netherlands), A.P. Dold (South Africa), M. Husselman (The Netherlands) and M. Cocks (South Africa)
4. Conversations with farmers in Sri Lanka
T. Flaster (USA)
5. Connecting the disadvantaged to the uninformed: problematic business communication in the medicinal and aromatic plants industry
A. Brown (USA)
6. A comparison of cultivation and wild collection of medicinal and aromatic plants under sustainability aspects
Schippmann (Germany), D. Leaman (Canada) and A.B. Cunningham (Australia)
7. Sustainable wild collection of medicinal and aromatic plants: development of an international standard
D.J. Leaman (Canada)
8. Revision of the `Guidelines on the conservation of medicinal plants` by WHO, IUCN, WWF and TRAFFIC: process and scope
W. Kathe (Germany)
9. Intellectual property protection for medicinal and aromatic plants
G. van Overwalle (Belgium)
10. Amidst peril and progress: conservation of diversity and patent law 129
J. Koopman (The Netherlands)
11. International trade in medicinal and aromatic plants: actors, volumes and commodities 155
D. Lange (Germany)
12. Designing for development: principles and practices of a sustainable medicinal plant chain in North India 171
P. van de Kop (The Netherlands) and G. Alam (India)
13. Devil`s Claw (Harpagophytum procumbens) from Southern Africa: sustainable use by cultivation combined with controlled harvesting in semi-wild populations 181
E. Schneider, J. Sanders and D. von Willert (Germany)
14. Conservation of Eastern-European medicinal plants: Arnica montana in Romania 203
W. Kathe (Germany)
15. What is marketing? A brief introduction to marketing for participants in the MAP industry 213
A. Brown (USA)
16. Demand and availability of Rhodiola roses L. raw material 223
B. Galambosi (Finland)
17. Drying of medicinal plants 237
J. M ller and A. Heindl (Germany)
18. Quality control in the production chain of herbal products 253
M.J. Groot and J. van der Roest (The Netherlands)
19. Plants as source of medicines: new perspectives 261
R. Verpoorte, H.K. Kim and Y.H. Choi (The Netherlands)
20. Research to improve artemisinin production for use in the preparation of anti-malarial drugs 275
Bouwmeester, C. Bertea, J.- W. de Kraker, F. Verstappen and M. Franssen (The Netherlands)
21. Functional genomic approaches to study and engineer secondary metabolism in plant cell cultures 291
N. Terryn, M. van Montagu, D. Inz nd A. Goossens (Belgium)
22. The schweinfurthins: issues in development of a plant-derived anticancer lead 301
J.A. Beutler (USA), J.G. Jato (Cameroon), G. Cragg (USA), D.F. Wiemer (USA), J.D. Neighbors (USA), M. Salnikova (USA), M. Hollingshead (USA), D.A. Scudiero (Cameroon) and T.G. McCloud (Cameroon)
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Paperback / softback
312 pagina's
Januari 2007
508 gram
235 x 152 x 19 mm
Springer-Verlag New York Inc. gb

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