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    Crawford, Matthew,Why We Drive
    Why We Drive
    On Freedom, Risk and Taking Back Control
    € 16.95
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    Why We Drive is a rebellious and daring celebration of the human spirit and the competence of ordinary people by the bestselling author of The Case for Working with Your Hands.

    Once we were drivers on the open road.

    Today we are more often in the back seat of an Uber.

    As we hurtle toward a `self-driving` future, are we destined to become passengers in our own lives too?

    In Why We Drive, the philosopher and mechanic Matthew Crawford celebrates the risk, skill and freedom of driving. He reveals what we are losing to technology and government control in the modern world, and speaks up for play, dissent and occasionally being scared witless.

    `Fascinating... A pleasure to read` Sunday Times

    `Persuasive and thought-provoking... A vivid and heartfelt manifesto` Observer

    Taal / Language : English

    Extra informatie:

    Paperback / softback
    368 pagina's
    Mei 2021
    291 gram
    199 x 129 x 24 mm
    EAN: 9781784707958
    Vintage UK

    Levertijd: 1 tot 2 werkdagen