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Philip Weeks

"Farewell, My Nation"

American Indians and the United States in the Nineteenth Century

€ 90.15

The fully updated third edition of Farewell, My Nation considers the complex and often tragic relationships between American Indians, white Americans, and the U.S.

Taal / Language : English




CHAPTER ONE: The Indian Question

In Need of a Solution

Breaching the Ohio Country Barrier

The Shooting Star and the Prophet

CHAPTER TWO: The Initial Solution

The Relocation Debate

Tribal Strategies in the South

The Cherokee-Georgia Conundrum

Removing the Southern Tribes

The Indian Territory and its People

Undermining Forces

Dashed Hopes

CHAPTER THREE: The Travails of Mid Century

Western Troubles and the New Solution

Making Way for the Railroads

The Texas Challenge

Whether or Not to be a Confederate

Civil War in the Indian Territory

Unrest in Minnesota

Colorado and Sand Creek

CHAPTER FOUR: The Plains Wars, Phase I: Realizing Concentration

Those Who Resisted: An Inescapable Fate?

Indian Policy and Who Controlled It

Defending the Powder River Country

Dualism: Peace and Force Policies

Commotion in Kansas

Effecting Concentration

With the Olive Branch and the Sword

CHAPTER FIVE: The Plains Wars, Phase II: Enforcing Concentration

Again, Indian Affairs and Who Controls Them

The Grant Peace Policy

At the Watershed

The Red River War

The Peace That Slipped Away

The Great Sioux War Commences

The Great Sioux War Concludes

CHAPTER SIX: The Search for a New Order

Reforms and Jurisdictional Disputes

Reappraising the Concentration Policy

The Government s Newest Solution

Ending Old and Injurious Habits

Americanization: White Rationalizations and Tribal Responses

Dead Dreams

Bibliographical Essay



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368 pagina's
Januari 2016
John Wiley & Sons gb

Levertijd: 5 tot 7 werkdagen