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Usang Maria Assim

Understanding kinship care of children in Africa

a family environment or an alternative care option?

€ 56.50

The Comparative African Legal Studies series aims to profile research in the fields of children, youth, families, gender, disability, education and socio-economic rights. It focuses on contemporary issues in African development, with human rights as a backdrop. In an era in which growing numbers of children face orphanhood, this book could not be more relevant. It explores the legal and human rights dimensions of kinship care, the preferred alternative to parental care in the African context. With increasing debates and controversies around child care forms such as foster care, and the ever-growing need for State support, it becomes critical to determine whether kinship care is indeed alternative care or not. The author offers a unique coverage of the subject matter in a manner that is sophisticated, well informed and balanced.

Taal / Language : English

Extra informatie: 
Paperback / softback
280 pagina's
November 2014
463 gram
242 x 168 x 17 mm
Eleven international publishing
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Bij u in huis op: zaterdag

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