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Tetiana Mykhalchuk

Discourses of European Expressionisms (1889-1930) Volume 1

the image of city in expressionist poetry of twenty-seven countries

€ 21.15

About the thesis:
Understanding the history of European culture is a key to understanding Europe form inside. Literary movements, such as expressionisms, are part of the European cultural history. What are the national variants of expressionism in Europe? What kind of images these national variants have? This book gives an overview of thirty national variants of literary expressionisms and includes the images of many European metropolises from the beginning of XX century created by multilingual poets in London, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Amsterdam, Athena, Ljubljana, Warsaw, Kiev, Moscow, Prague, Riga, Vilnius, and etc.

About the Author:
Tetiana Mykhalchuk is an affiliated researcher at the Research Institute for History and Culture (OGC) in the Netherlands. Her current research is on European literary expressionisms (2015-2014. Her areas of expertise are theory, history, and comparative literature, and culture with the research interests in European modernism, avant-garde, expressionisms, and transnationalism. She is the author of the forthcoming books Discourse of Literary Expressionisms (2014) and Reconciliations of East and West: German Mediations of Expressionist Scholarships after 1973 (2014). She is translator and the author of numerous presentations on expressionism: Biblical Elements in Expressionist Poetry in the Context of Austrian, German, and Ukrainian Poetry (2012); Apocalyptical Allusions in Expressionist Poetry: T. Osmachka and F. Werfel (2006); Biblical Elements in the Expressionist Poetry: the Context of Ukrainian, Austrian and German Literature (2005); Philosophical Foundations of Expressionism Movement (2005); Expressionism in American Literature (2005); Psychosemantic of Expressionists Novels: Comparative Analysis of German and Ukrainian Novels (2004); Expressionism and other Modern Movements in Ukrainian Literature (2004); G. Apollinaire and French Surrealism (2004); Philosophical Foundations of Expressionist Movement (2004); Nature of Expressionism in Polish Literature. (2004); Expressionism in Modern Ukrainian Drama (2004).

Taal / Language : English

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Paperback / softback
368 pagina's
Februari 2014
Proefschriftmaken B.V.

Levertijd: 5 tot 7 werkdagen