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John Smelcer

Indian Giver


€ 15.95

``Poetry at its most satirical and courageous. A tremendous book.`-Seamus Heaney`Few voices in American literature are so honest and daring.`-Mark Strand`One of our most brilliant poets.`-Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz`I feel the primal grain and temper of the genuine here.`-William Heyen`A lament, a protest, an inextinguishable song.`-Sherod Santos`Among the best and most original poets in America.`-Stanley Kunitz`Nothing short of splendid.`-Robert Nazarene`The kind of energy found in the poems of William Carlos Williams and Gary Snyder.`-Joseph BruchacThese poems tell harsh truths of hopelessness and genocide. The confusion of children whose religion is forbidden; the ironic poverty of a lottery winner; an alternate American history in which Columbus turns and sails away-in deceptively simple language, we hear the protest of survivors. ``Indian` is not a derogatory word. It`s what we call ourselves.`AFTER A SERMON AT THE CHURCH OF INFINITE CONFUSIONAt ten, Mary Caught-in-Between came home from sunday school, told every animal and bird and fish they couldn`t talk anymore, told her drum it couldn`t sing anymore, told her feet they couldn`t dance anymore, told her words they weren`t words anymore, told Raven and Coyote they weren`t gods anymore, said god was a starving white man with long hair and blue eyes and a beard who no one loved enough to save when they nailed him to a totem pole. John Smelcer has written over forty books of poetry and prose. He is a member of the Alaskan Ahtna tribe`-

Taal / Language : English

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Paperback / softback
132 pagina's
Januari 2016
204 gram
229 x 152 x 19 mm

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen