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Economie en bedrijf
Economie en bedrijf algemeen
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Roger Seip

Train Your Brain For Success

Read Smarter, Remember More, and Break Your Own Records

€ 26.95

Train your mind to achieve new levels of success!

Professionals and entrepreneurs do a great job of keeping up appearances. But if they`re honest with themselves, they`re short on living the life they really want.

Taal / Language : English

Introduction- How To Break Records

Mental factor number one-success leaves clues.

Mental factor number two-what you see is what you get.

Mental factor number three-what you see is what you look for.

The Bad News- Your `Comfort Zone` limits you.

The Good News- You can change your Comfort Zone!

The Really Good News- Small Changes Make a Huge Difference.

How to Use This Book

Section 1 Your Learning Foundations

Learning Foundation #1- Your Instant Recall Memory

Chapter 1 Discovering Your Memory Power

The `Teachability Index`

Your Baseline Memory Evaluation

Chapter 2 Learn to Speak The Language of Your Memory!

Chapter 3 Using Your New Mental Files- With This Book and Beyond

Taking optimal care of your brain

Your next filing system

The Key to Long Term Recall- Spaced Repetition!

Remembering Names

Learning Foundation #2- Your Reading Smart Capacity

Chapter 4 Why You Read Like a 6th Grader And What To Do About It.

Baseline test

The Very Best of All Time

What your score means

The Concept of `Gears` in SmartReading

3 Reading Habits you can reduce

Chapter 5 Your Reading Smart Tools for Improved Focus and Speed

The Mechanics of the Reading Process

Using Your Hands Properly

Find Your Smile

Chapter 6 Your Reading Smart Tools for Enhanced Comprehension and Retention

The Balance Between Speed and Comprehension

Why And How to `SmartRead`

The Key to Retention- Interactive Processing

Section 2 The Components of Your Record Breaking Life

Component #1- Having Energizing Goals

Chapter 7 Five Characteristics of an Energizing Goal


Chapter 8 Heighten Your Focus With Your Keystone Goal

Chapter 9 Overcoming Barriers

3 Emotional Barriers:

Mental Barriers

Component #2- Being Fully Present/Using Time As It`s Meant To Be Used

Chapter 10 Common Myths of Time Management and How To Use Time As It`s Meant To Be Used

The Myth of Balance

The Myth that Time can be managed

The Myth of `enough` time

Chapter 11 The 2 Hour Solution- How To Create A Record-Breaking Schedule

The 2 Hour Solution Defined

Chapter 12 Top Tips for Supercharging Your Productivity

Component #3- Be Brilliant With The Basics

`The most important part of the... process is the... person`

Zig Ziglar

Chapter 13 The Basics of You Part 1: Your Personal Core Values

A structured way of answering the big question `What is my Life really about?`

Chapter 14 The Basics of You Part 2: Purpose and Vision

Be, Do, Have

A structured way of answering the other Big Question- What do I want to DO?

Constructing Your Personal Vision Statement

Record-Breaking Component #4- Aggressive Mental Care

Chapter 15 The Most Basic Piece: Energy

Chapter 16 Your Energy Management Tools

Chapter 17 The Power Hour: Your Daily Energy Management Practice

Conclusion-What To Do With What You`ve Learned
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238 pagina's
Januari 2012
445 gram
241 x 165 x 32 mm
John Wiley & Sons Inc gb

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen