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Lee Weeks


Flashpoint, Book One

€ 25.95

`Once, there were infinite Earths. Then there came a Crisis...a Zero Hour...a Flashpoint. Worlds lived. Worlds died. But some worlds must now fight for their future--in the Convergence! The evil alien intelligence known as Brainiac has stolen 50 doomed cities from throughout time and space and sealed them behind impenetrable domes. Now, after a year, the domes will come down--and the heroes and villains of 50 dead worlds must battle to be the last one standing! In this volume: JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL: It`s no laughing matter as Blue Beetle and Booster Gold lead the team against heavy-hitting heroes from the grim world of Kingdom Come! CATWOMAN: Selina Kyle must defend Gotham City against a Dark Knight like no other--the Kingdom Come Batman! SUPERBOY: The wisecracking Teen of Steel is Metropolis`s only hope against three of Kingdom Come`s greatest warriors: Red Robin, the Flash and Superman himself! GREEN ARROW: The Emerald Archer and his son Connor Hawke must join forces against familiar faces--the Black Canaries of Kingdom Come! SUICIDE SQUAD: Bane and Cyborg Superman, two of the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel`s deadliest foes, spearhead an invasion of Kingdom Come`s Green Lantern stronghold! The heroes and villains of `90s DC Universe battle against one of the greatest Elseworlds tales ever told in CONVERGENCE: ZERO HOUR BOOK ONE!`-

Taal / Language : English

Extra informatie: 
Paperback / softback
272 pagina's
Januari 2015
454 gram
264 x 175 x 15 mm
DC Comics gb

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen