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Literatuur: Diversen
Literaire non-fictie algemeen
Levertijd: 4 tot 8 werkdagen

D. S. Mirsky

A History of Russian Literature

From Its Beginnings to 1900

€ 42.49

Taal / Language : English

The Literature of Old Russia
The Literary Language Literary Conditions
Translated Works the Kievan Period
The Chronicles
The Campaign of Igor and its Family
Between Kiev and Moscow the Muscovite Period
Muscovite Histories Beginnings of Fiction
The end of Old Muscovy: Avvakum
The Passing of Old Russia
The Southwestern Revival
The Transition in Moscow and Petersburg
The First Literary Verse the Drama
Fiction and Chapbooks
The Age of Classicism
Kantemir Trediakovsky Lomonosov
Narrative and Lyric Poetry After Lomonosov
Derzhavin the Drama
Eighteenth-Century Prose Karamzin
Contemporaries of Karamzin Krylov the Novel
The Golden Age of Poetry
Zhukovsky Other Poets of the Older Generation
Pushkin Minor Poets Baratynsky Yazykov
Metaphysical Poets the Theater Griboyedov
The Poets` Prose The Rise of the Novel
The Prose of Pushkin the Growth of Journalism
The Age of Gogol
The Decline of Poetry Koltsov Tyutchev
Lermontov the Poetry of Reflection
The Drama the Novelists of the Thirties
Gogol Lermontov`s Prose The First Naturalists
The Petersburg Journalists
The Moscow ``Circles`` the Slavophils
The Age of Realism: The Novelists (I)
Origin and Character of the Russian Realistic
Novel Dostoyevsky`s Early Work Aksakov
Goncharov Turgenev
The Sentimental Philanthropists Pisemsky
Novelists of Provincial Character
The Age of Realism: Journalists, Poets, and Playwrights
Criticism After Belinsky Grigoriev Herzen
The Radical Leaders Slavophils and Nationalists
The Eclectic Poets A. K. Tolstoy Fet
Realistic Poets Nekrasov
The Utter Decline of Poetry the Drama
Sukhovo-Kobylin, Pisemsky, and Minor Dramatists
The Costume Play
The Age of Realism: The Novelists (II)
Tolstoy (Before 1880)
Dostoyevsky (After 1849) Saltykov-Schedrin
The Decline of the Novel in the Sixties and
Seventies the ``Plebeian`` Novelists
The End of a Great Age
Tolstoy (After 1880) Leskov
Poetry: Sluchevsky
The Leaders of the Intelligentsia: Mikhaylovsky
The Conservatives Leontiev
The Eighties and Early Nineties
Garshin Minor Novelists Emigres Korolenko
The Literary Lawyers Poets Vladimir Soloviev
Index 383
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Paperback / softback
383 pagina's
Januari 1999
476 gram
222 x 146 x 25 mm
Northwestern Univ Pr us

Levertijd: 4 tot 8 werkdagen