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Literatuur: Proza, romans, verhalen
Literaire roman.novelle
Melville, Herman Omoo
Levertijd: 5 tot 7 werkdagen

Melville, Herman


€ 17.95

elvilleas continuing adventures in the South Seasanow for the first time in Penguin Classics Following the commercial and critical success of "Typee," Herman Melville continu

Taal / Language : English

Introduction by Mary K. Bercaw Edwards xi
Works Cited xxxi
Preface 1
Introduction 5
Chapter 1 My Reception Aboard 7
Chapter 2 Some Account of the Ship 11
Chapter 3 Further Account of the Julia 16
Chapter 4 A Scene in the Forecastle 19
Chapter 5 What Happened at Hytyhoo 23
Chapter 6 We Touch at La Dominica 27
Chapter 7 What Happened at Hannamanoo 30
Chapter 8 The Tattooers of La Dominica 34
Chapter 9 38
We Steer to the Westward
State of Affairs
Chapter 10 A Sea-Parlor Described, with Some of Its Tenants 43
Chapter 11 47
Doctor Long Ghost a Wag
One of His Capers
Chapter 12 Death and Burial of Two of the Crew 50
Chapter 13 Our Destination Changed 56
Chapter 14 Rope Yarn 58
Chapter 15 Chips and Bungs 62
Chapter 16 We Encounter a Gale 64
Chapter 17 The Coral Islands 67
Chapter 18 Tahiti 71
Chapter 19 74
A Surprise
More about Bembo
Chapter 20 80
The Round Robin
Visitors from Shore
Chapter 21 Proceedings of the Consul 86
Chapter 22 The Consul`s Departure 91
Chapter 23 The Second Night off Papeetee 94
Chapter 24 Outbreak of the Crew 100
Chapter 25 Jermin Encounters an Old Shipmate 103
Chapter 26 106
We Enter the Harbor
Jim the Pilot
Chapter 27 111
A Glance at Papeetee
We Are Sent aboard the Frigate
Chapter 28 Reception from the Frenchman 116
Chapter 29 The Reine Blanche 119
Chapter 30 123
They Take Us Ashore
What Happened There
Chapter 31 The Calabooza Beretanee 127
Chapter 32 Proceedings of the French at Tahiti 133
Chapter 33 We Receive Calls at the Hotel de Calabooza 138
Chapter 34 Life at the Calabooza 143
Chapter 35 Visit from an Old Acquaintance 146
Chapter 36 We Are Carried before the Consul and Captain 151
Chapter 37 The French Priests Pay Their Respects 155
Chapter 38 Little Jule Sails without Us 159
Chapter 39 164
Jermin Serves Us a Good Turn
Friendships in Polynesia
Chapter 40 We Take unto Ourselves Friends 168
Chapter 41 We Levy Contributions on the Shipping 170
Chapter 42 174
A Tahitian Casuist
Chapter 43 One Is Judged by the Company He Keeps 178
Chapter 44 180
Cathedral of Papoar
The Church of the Cocoa-Nuts
Chapter 45 A Missionary`s Sermon; with Some Reflections 185
Chapter 46 Something about the Kannakippers 190
Chapter 47 How They Dress in Tahiti 195
Chapter 48 Tahiti As It Is 198
Chapter 49 Same Subject Continued 204
Chapter 50 Something Happens to Long Ghost 208
Chapter 51 212
Wilson Gives Us the Cut
Departure for Imeeo
Chapter 52 The Valley of Martair 216
Chapter 53 Farming in Polynesia 220
Chapter 54 Some Account of the Wild Cattle in Polynesia 225
Chapter 55 A Hunting Ramble with Zeke 228
Chapter 56 Musquitoes 232
Chapter 57 The Second Hunt in the Mountains 235
Chapter 58 The Hunting-Feast; and a Visit to Afrehitoo 240
Chapter 59 The Murphies 243
Chapter 60 What They Thought of Us in Martair 247
Chapter 61 Preparing for the Journey 251
Chapter 62 Tamai 254
Chapter 63 A Dance in the Valley 257
Chapter 64 Mysterious 260
Chapter 65 The Hegira, or Flight 262
Chapter 66 How We Were to Get to Taloo 267
Chapter 67 The Journey Round the Beach 270
Chapter 68 A Dinner-Party in Imeeo 276
Chapter 69 The Cocoa-Palm 280
Chapter 70 Life at Loohooloo 284
Chapter 71 We Start for Taloo 287
Chapter 72 A Dealer in the Contraband 291
Chapter 73 Our Reception in Partoowye 296
Chapter 74 301
Retiring for the Night
The Doctor Grows Devout
Chapter 75 A Ramble Through the Settlement 304
Chapter 76 308
An Island Jilt
We Visit the Ship
Chapter 77 312
A Party of Rovers
Little Loo and the Doctor
Chapter 78 Mrs. Bell 316
Chapter 79 318
Taloo Chapel
Holding Court in Polynesia
Chapter 80 Queen Pomaree 323
Chapter 81 We Visit the Court 328
Chapter 82 Which Ends the Book 333
Notes 339
Extra informatie: 
Paperback / softback
374 pagina's
Januari 2007
281 gram
197 x 129 x 19 mm
Penguin Classics us

Levertijd: 5 tot 7 werkdagen

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