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Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen

Lawson, Jonarno

Black Stars in a White Night Sky

€ 18.95

Presents a collection of poetry that explores everything from love and conformity to the nature of time, stretching the boundaries of various poetic forms to create verses that are at turns humorous and thought-provoking.

Taal / Language : English

An Adventure Begins 13
Are You Worried? 14
Love 15
Golden Legs 16
The Maple Leaves That Mabel Leaves 17
Bartleby 20
The Days Have Names 21
Black Stars in a White Night Sky 23
Etobicoke 24
Patty Tackett 25
Being Thoughtless 26
Elephant 27
Frog on the Cob 29
Humpty Dumpty 30
Thomas`s Promises 32
Autumn`s Shoulder 33
A Bison in a Basin Playing a Bassoon 34
Gluts and Scarcities 37
You Go, Hugo 38
I Practiced 39
I Followed Your Tame Movements 40
Deer 42
It Had to Be Gotten 43
Eat a Duck 44
Water Waltz 45
I`ve Always Liked This Planet 47
There`s a Worm 48
Hip-Hop Handsome Han 49
I Don`t Understand 51
Ingomar Baltazar Caiaphas Copps 52
In the Time That It Takes 54
The First Real Warmth 55
The Snake`s Advice, or Advice from a Snake to a Protohuman 57
How Without Arms 58
The Old Man`s Lie 59
Old Man Margulis 60
Clam 62
Port Maitland`s Geese 63
Music Lessons at the Hamilton Armories 64
Winsome Billy Willoughby 67
Pembroke 69
Skeletax 71
Neville 72
What`s Left of Me? 73
Diving for Treasure 75
The Peppercorn 76
The Song That Turned into a Witch 77
The Hornicle Song 78
Thirsty Kirsten 80
Crepe Eaters 81
Merciful Percival 83
Silly Sally 85
Nothing Moves 86
The Knuckle-Nicking Buckle 87
The Tines of a Fork 88
Bringing Baby Home 91
Sleeping with the Baby 92
A Girl in a Rabbit Hat 93
Poor Old Plotz 95
The Fish 96
Try saying this with any name you know, and say it quickly: 99
And try to say these over and over quickly: 100
Pat a Snake 101
I Had a Dream in Pittenweem 102
Juliette from Baldicocks 103
Schirokauer 104
Tsunami 106
He Laughed with a Laugh 107
Hummingbird 108
Faster and Faster and Faster She Went 109
Handsome Prince 110
Bigger and Better 112
Fly, Lynx 113
Tickle Tackle Botticelli 114
Notes 116
Acknowledgments 118
Extra informatie: 
118 pagina's
Januari 2008
408 gram
235 x 159 x 19 mm

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen