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Theologie algemeen
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Peter Kreeft

The Philosophy of Tolkien

The Worldview Behind The Lord of the Rings

€ 19.95

Taal / Language : English

Introduction 9(154)
1 Metaphysics
1.1 How big is reality?
1.2 Is the supernatural real?
1.3 Are Platonic Ideas real?
2 Philosophical Theology
2.1 Does God exist?
2.2 Is life subject to divine providence?
2.3 Are we both fated and free?
2.4 Can we relate to God by `religion`?
3 Angelology
3.1 Are angels real?
3.2 Do we have guardian angels?
3.3 Could there be creatures between men and angels, such as Elves?
4 Cosmology
4.1 Is nature really beautiful?
4.2 Do things have personalities?
4.3 Is there real magic?
5 Anthropology
5.1 Is death good or bad?
5.2 Is romance more thrilling than sex?
5.3 Why do humans have identity crises?
5.4 What do we most deeply desire?
6 Epistemology
6.1 Is knowledge always good?
6.2 Is intuition a form of knowledge?
6.3 Is faith (trust) wisdom or ignorance?
6.4 What is truth?
7 Philosophy of History
7.1 Is history a story?
7.2 Is the past (tradition) a prison or a lighthouse?
7.3 Is history predictable?
7.4 Is there devolution as well as evolution?
7.5 Is human life a tragedy or a comedy?
8 Aesthetics
8.1 Why do we no longer love glory or splendor?
8.2 Is beauty always good?
9 Philosophy of Language
9.1 How can words be alive?
9.2 The metaphysics of words: Can words have real power?
9.3 Are there right and wrong words?
9.4 Is there an original, universal, natural language?
9.5 Why is music so powerful?
10 Political Philosophy 163(10)
10.1 Is small beautiful?
10.2 Can war be noble?
11 Ethics: The War of Good and Evil 173(19)
11.1 Is evil real?
11.2 How powerful is evil?
11.3 How weak is evil?
11.4 How does evil work?
12 Ethics: The `Hard` Virtues 192(17)
12.1 Do principles or consequences make an act good?
12.2 Why must we be heroes?
12.3 Can one go on without hope?
12.4 Is authority oppressive and obedience demeaning?
12.5 Are promises sacred?
13 Ethics: The `Soft` Virtues 209(12)
13.1 What is the power of friendship?
13.2 Is humility humiliating?
13.3 What should you give away?
13.4 Does mercy trump justice?
13.5 Is charity a waste?
Conclusion Can any one man incarnate every truth and virtue? 221(6)
Bibliography 227(2)
Appendix: A Concordance 229
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Paperback / softback
237 pagina's
Januari 2005
295 gram
203 x 133 x 19 mm
Ignatius Pr gb

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen