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Literatuur: Diversen
Literaire non-fictie algemeen
Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen

Koch, Kenneth

Making Your Own Days

The Pleasures of Reading and Writing Poetry

€ 17.95

In "Making Your Own Days," celebrated poet Kenneth Koch writes about poetry as no one has written about it before -- and as if no one "had" written about it before. Full of fresh and exciting insights and experiences, this book makes the somewhat mysterious subject of poetry clear for those who read it and for those who write it -- and for those who would like to read and write it better. Treating poetry not as a special use of language but, in fact, as a separate language -- unlike the one used in prose and conversation -- Koch is able to clarify the nature of poetic inspiration, how poems are written and revised, and what happens in a reader's mind and feelings while reading a poem. Koch also provides a rich anthology of more than ninety works: lyric poems, excerpts from long poems and poetic plays, poems in English, and poems in translation -- by poets past and present from Homer and Sappho to Lorca, Snyder, and Ashbery. Each selection is accompanied by an illuminating explanatory note designed to complement and clarify the text. In this book, Kenneth Koch's genius for making poetry clear and for bringing out its real pleasures is everywhere apparent.

Taal / Language : English



A Brief Preface

Part I The Language of Poetry

1. The Two Languages
2. Music

Repetition and Rhythm
Line Division
Non-Metrical Poetry
Non-Rhyming and Irregularly Rhyming Poetry
Stanzas and Poetic Forms
3. The Inclinations of the Poetry Language
Personification and Apostrophe
A Few Other Inclinations
4. The Poetry Base

Part II Writing and Reading Poetry

1. Inspiration
2. Writing
3. Reading

Long Poems
Dramatic Poetry
Poetry in Other Languages and in Translation

Part III An Anthology of Poems

Extra informatie: 
Paperback / softback
320 pagina's
Januari 1999
363 gram
216 x 140 x 25 mm

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen