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Literatuur: Proza, romans, verhalen
Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen

Alexander Kluge

Cinema Stories

€ 13.95

Taal / Language : English

Foreword xi
Cinema in a State of Emergency 1
The Three Machines that Make Up Cinema 2
(1) Machine Number 1
(2) Machine Number 2: The Paying Public
(3) Machine Number 3: `Penny Arcades`
(4) The Journey to Budapest
(5) What Can You Get in this World for One Cent?
(6) Rem Koolhaas on `Blind Happiness`
(7) Originally Film Was a Scientific Instrument/The Inflation of Fictional Themes
(8) Triumph of the Arriflex /The Return of a Scientifically Oriented Application
Sun Over the Waterways of the Lido 10
The Cinema in the Head of the Spectator
Hunger for Horror Or, A Tendency to Be Direct 13
To Bring the World into the World 14
Many Spirits Feed on the Body of a Dead Star 17
The Battle of the Marne 20
Between Duty and Inclination 20
The Aura of the Remarkable 22
The Notorious Man 24
Gigolo 26
The Portrayal of a `Dragon` in Silent Film 27
The Blind Director 29
Do Not Forget Me 31
How We Cameramen Became Patriots, Simply
Because We Were Efficient 32
Parade of New Year`s Eve in Paris, 1918 36
How We Learned Too Late How to Capture a Subjective Impression on Film
Documentation through Posthumous Production 40
An Observation of Walter Benjamin 42
The Filming of `Added Value` 45
A Plan of Eisenstein and of Dziga Vertov`s Brother
As a National Socialist in Hollywood 49
Fourteen Ways to Describe Rain 51
(1) A Week of Rain with Joris Ivens
(2) Rain in the Country
(3) The Illusion of Never-Ending Rain
(4) Concentrated Rain in Hurricanes
(5) Scattered Showers
(6) Catastrophes of the Ultimate Class
(7) For the Time Being Only the Fish Seemed to Have Disappeared
(8) A Cloudburst that Came as a Stroke of Luck
(9) The Economy of Water
The Final Film Screening in the Reich Chancellery 61
His Last Deployment 66
An Example of the `Cinema of Ingredients` During the 1950`s 67
The Robust Deployment of Film Techniques by Fellini 69
Nobody Wants to Sit in Complete Darkness in Front of a Television 70
Television Lamps of 1955 as a `Transitional Medium` 71
Great Cinema, Vanished as if Aborted 72
At the Nexus of Film History and Television 72
Cold Shower 74
Filming the Atmosphere of Advent 76
The Pl ger Delicatessen as the Replacement Target of a Demonstration 78
On the Death of Bourgeois Achievements 79
A Natural Gift 80
The Revival of Film History from Tashkent 81
Evolutionary Diversity 84
Filming in Africa 86
Friesenhahn`s Act 87
The Cosmos as Cinema 91
Notes and References 95
Extra informatie: 
Paperback / softback
111 pagina's
Januari 2007
136 gram
178 x 127 x 13 mm
New Directions us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen