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John Greenleaf Whittier Selected Poems

€ 21.95

The work of the abolitionist poet is featured here, including his passionate denunciation of the Fugitive Slave Law and his fascinating portraits of rural life that combine religion, politics, and rich narration.

Taal / Language : English

Introduction xi
Toussaint l`Ouverture 1(8)
The Demon of the Study 9(5)
The Hunters of Men 14(2)
The Farewell 16(2)
Massachusetts to Virginia 18(7)
Song of Slaves in the Desert 25(2)
The Huskers 27(5)
Proem 32(2)
Lines on the Portrait of a Celebrated Publisher 34(2)
Ichabod! 36(2)
A Sabbath Scene 38(4)
The Haschish 42(2)
Moloch in State Street 44(3)
First-Day Thoughts 47(1)
The Kansas Emigrants 48(1)
Maud Muller 49(6)
The Fruit-Gift 55(1)
The Barefoot Boy 56(4)
Letter 60(3)
Skipper Ireson`s Ride 63(3)
The Last Walk in Autumn 66(10)
The Garrison of Cape Ann 76(6)
Telling the Bees 82(3)
My Playmate 85(3)
The River Path 88(2)
`Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott` 90(3)
The Waiting 93(1)
Barbara Frietchie 94(3)
The Vanishers 97(2)
What the Birds Said 99(2)
Laus Deo 101(3)
The Eternal Goodness 104(3)
Snow-Bound 107(26)
from The Tent on the Beach 133(4)
from Among the Hills: Prelude 137(5)
The Hive at Gettysburg 142(1)
In School-Days 143(2)
The Brewing of Soma 145(4)
The Pressed Gentian 149(1)
The Witch of Wenham 150(10)
The Henchman 160(2)
At Last 162(1)
Sweet Fern 163(2)
Burning Drift-Wood 165(3)
To Oliver Wendell Holmes 168(5)
Biographical Note 173(2)
Note on the Texts 175(3)
Notes 178(7)
Index of Titles and First Lines 185
Extra informatie: 
230 pagina's
Januari 2004
249 gram
191 x 121 x 13 mm
Library of America gb

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen