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Eva Gerhard


and then he was there..., the sundown

€ 17.19

Unabashed I saw to him over here, however, he did not note me, was deepened too much in talks with his neighbors. By my looks I tried to signal that he could appeal to me that I am ready for every kind of the conquest, however, he appreciated me of no look and thus separated unnoticed our ways. Days later we met again. My heart rests and my hand trembled when I gave him my phone number. Non-binding `I contact` on parting and endless waiting began. If it meets pass, too many hours have, however then if one has already almost given up; actually, hope, nevertheless, he still comes, the phone call. We always met on occasion, became acquainted carefully and curiously and bit by bit he started, in quite a special kind to struggle in my heart. An unusual romance began and he turned out my congenial. We spent wonderful years, everything was perfect, the luck seemed to be perfect, and nothing could separate us. We experienced a lot, had fun in the life, in new ideas and realized them. How often I had asked myself whether this respect with him is a dream. But it was no dream; we were the principal characters in a special connection which was built up with love and desire. However, one day the destiny met me hard, I became ill. Fear overcame me to lose fear the people who means to me more than all other in the world. And then he was there ..., the sundown.

Taal / Language : English

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192 pagina's
Januari 2014
206 gram
190 x 118 x 17 mm
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Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen