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Kinderboeken: Prentenboeken
Prentenboeken( <6 jaar)
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Bestel vóór: 14:00

Fiep Westendorp

Jip and Janneke two kids from Holland

€ 19.95

Jip and Janneke, the two most famous tots in the Netherlands, take you on a journey through their country, introducing you to tulip fields and cowl, cycling and ice skating and the St. Nicholas celebrations. There are many lovely things to see and experience - which may help to explain why UNICEF has identified Dutch children as being the happiest in the world.

The illustrations in this book are among the most beautiful that Fiep Wenstendorp ever made. Her instantly recognisable black-and-white silhouettes are transformed into a world full of colour. Together with short explanatory texts, they form a perfect introduction to the Netherlands throughout the four seasons.

Text in english

Taal / Language : English

Extra informatie: 
72 pagina's
Met illustraties
September 2008
378 gram
241 x 197 x 11 mm
Singel Uitgeverijen
Bekijk de achterkant

Bij u in huis op: donderdag
Bestel vóór: 14:00
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