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Judith Fetterley

Writing out of Place

Regionalism, Women, And American Literary Culture

€ 32.14

Taal / Language : English

Acknowledgments vii
Introducing the Writers
The Question of the Category
Questions of Chronology and Place
Gender and Regionalism
The Case for Chesnutt
Race and Regionalism
Regionalism as Critique
Regionalism as Cultural Healing
Some Notes on Form
Locating Regionalism in American Literary History
``The Relatively Narrow Interests of Regionalism``
Regionalism as a Feminist Analytic
The Politics of Gender and Genre
Cambridge History of American Literature
Literary History of the United States
Columbia Literary History of the United States
Cather and Wharton
Origins: The History of an Impulse
Origin Texts: Mitford, Edgeworth, Neal, and Paulding
Women Writers: Sigourney, Kirkland, and Sedgwick
Irving, Stowe, and Longstreet
Humor of the Old Southwest and Alderbrook
Starting with Alice Cary
The Poetics of Empathic Narration
Distilling Essences
Narrative Effects
Narrative Stance
Shifting the Center
The Regionalist Sign
``Free to Say``: Thematics
Thematics and American Literature
Freedom of Speech and Interpretive Desire
``Miss Beulah`s Bonnet``
Are There Any Lives of Women?
``Mother`` Lives
Expressing Desire
The ``Whoop`` of the Heart
The Sketch Form and Conventions of Story
The Novel and Plot
Fragment as Form in Cary
Narrative Interruptions in Jewett
Freeman`s Use of Framing
Dialect and Dialogue in Cooke
Dialects in Dialogue in Murfree
Form as ``Restoration`` in King
Sui Sin Far and Language on the Border Land
Austin and the Limits of Story
Regionalism and the ``Minor``
Regionalism and the Question of the American
Reflections on the Idea of American Literature
``Roughly Gender-Tilted``
Realism, Regionalism, and Naturalism
Jewett`s Bowden Reunion
Regionalist Alternatives to Cultural Imperialism
Feminist Epistemology and the Regionalist Standpoint
Vantage Points
Feminist Standpoint Theory
Situating the Regionalist Standpoint
Playing in the Dark
Location, Property, and Place
Questions of Knowledge and Ownership
Transitivity and the Transversal
Race, Class, and Questions of Region
Race and Class in New Orleans Regionalists
King`s New Orleans: Race, Class, and ``Whiteness``
Class and Race in Writers outside the South
Regionalism as ``Queer`` Theory
Difference and the Odd
Queer Consciousness
Queering the Region
Queer Commentary
``Close`` Reading and Empathy
The Politics of Emotion
The ``as if`` Condition
Activating the ``Second Person``
Regionalism as an ``Emotional Tutorial``
Regionalism and Masculinity
Departure and Return
``The Foreigner``
``I Do So Long to Read It with You``
Notes 385(18)
Works Cited 403(10)
Index 413
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Paperback / softback
422 pagina's
Januari 2005
544 gram
226 x 166 x 24 mm
Marston Book DMARSTO Orphans us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen