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Akhlaq A. Farooqui

Diet and Exercise in Cognitive Function and Neurological Diseases

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Diet and exercise have long been recognized as important components of a healthy lifestyle, as they have a great impact on improving cardiovascular and cerebrovascular functions, lowering the risk of metabolic disorders, and contributing to healthy aging.

Taal / Language : English


Contributors xi

Foreword Kirk I. Erickson xv

Foreword Shin Murakami xvii

Preface xix
Tahira Farooqui and Akhlaq A. Farooqui

Acknowledgments xxi

1 Nutrition, Genes, and Neuroscience: Implications for Development, Health, and Disease 1
Margaret Joy Dauncey

2 Neurochemical Effects of Western Diet Consumption on Human Brain 15
Akhlaq A. Farooqui and Tahira Farooqui

3 Effect of Mediterranean Diet on Human Health in Seniors: Relationship with Telomers 29
Virginia Boccardi and Giuseppe Paolisso

4 Effect of a Mediterranean Diet on Mental and Physical Quality of Life 39
Marialaura Bonaccio, Giovanni de Gaetano, and Licia Iacoviello

5 Ketogenic Diets for the Treatment of Neurologic Disease 47
Christa W. Habela and Eric H. Kossoff

6 Levels of n 3 Fatty Acids and their Metabolites in the Brain: Their Impact on Brain Function and Neurological Disorders 59
Akhlaq A. Farooqui and Tahira Farooqui

7 Homocysteine Levels in Neurological Disorders 73
Ahmed A. Moustafa, Doaa H. Hewedi, Abeer M. Eissa, Dorota Frydecka, and B az ej Misiak

8 Table Salt and Dementia 83
Surender R. Neravetla and Shantanu R. Neravetla

9 Contribution of Diet and Exercise in the Pathogenesis of Major Depression 93
Adrian L. Lopresti

10 Role of Diet and Exercise in Diabetic Retinopathy 105
Mohammad Shamsul Ola, Haseeb A. Khan, and Abdullah S. Alhomida

11 The Effect of Western Diet on Cognition in Humans 111
Heather M. Francis and Richard J. Stevenson

12 Role of Diet and Exercise in Intervention of Age Induced Impairments 123
Kanti Bhooshan Pandey and Syed Ibrahim Rizvi

13 Hormesis and Cognitive Function: An Evolutionary/Adaptive Arabesque Leading to Longevity 133
Alistair V.W. Nunn, Geoffrey W. Guy, and Jimmy D. Bell

14 Polyphenols and Cognitive Function 143
Edwin D. Lephart

15 Prevention of Dementia Through Modifiable Risk Factors 163
Patsri Srisuwan

16 Physical Exercise Improves Cognition in Brain Disorders: Alzheimer s Disease 175
Trevor Archer and Danilo Garcia

17 Molecular, Biochemical, and Physiological Basis of Beneficial Actions of Exercise 183
Undurti N. Das

18 Beneficial Effects of Exercise and Cognitive Training on Cognitive Functions in Older Adults: Introduction of Smart Aging Studies 205
Rui Nouchi and Ryuta Kawashima

19 Exercise and Cognitive Functions 213
Bijli Nanda and S. Manjunatha

20 Role of Sleep in Cognition, Immunity, and Disease and Its Interaction with Exercise 225
Mark R. Zielinski and Dmitry Gerashchenko

21 Effect of Forced and Voluntary Exercise on Neural Plasticity Mediated by Astrocytes 241
Caren Bernardi, Mario Roberto Generosi Brauner, and Carlos Alberto Goncalves

22 Effect of Exercise on the Aging Brain 253
Bonita L. Marks

23 The Effects of Exercise on Neuronal Survival 267
Michael J. Chen

24 Exercise and Cognitive Function in Older Adults 279
Nicola J. Gates and Maria Fiatarone Singh

25 Research Issues and Clinical Implications of Exercise Effects in the Treatment of Depressive and Anxiety Disorders 295
A. Garrett Hazelton, Richard Bloch, and Sy Saeed

26 Exercise Induced Protection Against Aging and Neurodegenerative Diseases: Role of Redox and Mitochondrial Based Alterations 309
Ines Marques Aleixo, Estela Santos Alves, Paula I. Moreira, Paulo J. Oliveira, Jose Magalhaes, and Antonio Ascensao

27 Exercise, Neuroplasticity, and Growth Factors in Adolescence 323
Helios Pareja Galeano, Sara Mayero, and Fabian Sanchis Gomar

28 Summary, Perspective, and Direction for Future Studies 339
Tahira Farooqui and Akhlaq A. Farooqui

Index 349

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Januari 2015
794 gram
254 x 173 x 24 mm
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Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen