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Giacomo Chevali Casanova

History of My Life

€ 58.25

Taal / Language : English

INTRODUCTION Casanova and His Memoirs 3(22)
Willard R. Trask
PREFACE 25(16)
CHAPTER II My grandmother comes to put me to board with Doctor Gozzi. My first love.
CHAPTER III Bettina believed mad. Father Mancia. The smallpox. I leave Padua.
CHAPTER IV The Patriarch of Venice confers minor orders on me. My acquaintance with Senator Malipiero, with Teresa Imer, with the niece of my parish priest, with Signora Orio, with Nanetta and Marta, with La Cavamacchie. I become a preacher. My adventure at Pasiano with Lucia. Assignation on the fourth floor.
CHAPTER V An untoward night. I fall in love with the two sisters, I forget Angela. A ball at my house. Giulietta humiliated. My return to Pasiano. Lucia`s misfortune. A favoring storm.
CHAPTER VI My grandmother`s death and its consequences. I lose the good graces of Signor Malipiero. I no longer have a house. La Tintoretta. I am put in a seminary. I am imprisoned in a fortress.
CHAPTER VII My brief stay in the fortress of Sant` Andrea. My first repentance in love. The pleasures of vengeance and brilliant proof of an alibi. Arrest of Count Bonafede. I am set free. Arrival of the Bishop. I leave Venice.
CHAPTER VIII My misfortunes in Chioggia. Father Steffano, Recollect. The lazaretto at Ancona. The Greek slave. My pilgrimage to Our Lady of Loretto. I go to Rome on foot and from there to Naples to find the Bishop, but do not find him. Fortune provides me with the means of going to Martorano, which I very soon leave and return to Naples.
CHAPTER IX I make a short but pleasant stay in Naples. Don Antonio Casanova. Don Lelio Caraffa. I go to Rome in delightful company and there enter the service of Cardinal Acquaviva. Barbaruccia. Testaccio. Frascati.
CHAPTER X Benedict XIV. Excursion to Tivoli. Departure of Donna Lucrezia. The Marchesa G. Barbara Dalacqua. My bad luck and my departure from Rome.
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Paperback / softback
728 pagina's
Januari 1997
726 gram
210 x 133 x 38 mm
Johns Hopkins University Press us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen