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Literatuur: Diversen
Literaire non-fictie algemeen
Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen

Patty Carratello

A Guide for Using Where the Red Fern Grows in the Classroom

A Literature Unit

€ 13.74

Taal / Language : English

Introduction 3(1)
Sample Lesson Plan 4(1)
Before the Book (Pre-reading Activities) 5(1)
About the Author 6(1)
Book Summary 7(1)
Vocabulary Lists 8(1)
Vocabulary Activity Ideas 9(1)
SECTION 1 (Chapters I through V) 10(5)
Quiz Time!
Hands-On Project-Working For It!
Cooperative Learning Activity-Drama on the Street
Curriculum Connections-Math
Into Your Life-Reading Response Journals
SECTION 2 (Chapters VI through IX) 15(5)
Quiz Time!
Hands-On Project-Time to Train!
Cooperative Learning Activity-Let`s Find Out Together!
Curriculum Connections-Science
Into Your Life-Another World
SECTION 3 (Chapters X through XIII) 20(5)
Quiz Time!
Hands-On Project-Paw Prints
Cooperative Learning Activity-Track Down!
Curriculum Connections-Map Making
Into Your Life-Conflict Resolution
SECTION 4 (Chapters XIV through XVIII) 25(5)
Quiz Time!
Hands-On Project-Whoop-Meter!
Cooperative Learning Activity-Sharing the Responsibility
Curriculum Connections-Art
Into Your Life-A Gift of Age
SECTION 5 (Chapters XIX through XX) 30(8)
Quiz Time!
Hands-On Project-Dog Care
Cooperative Learning Activity-Special Scenes
Curriculum Connections-Social Studies
Into Your Life-The Flashback
After the Book (Post-reading Activities)
Any Questions?
Book Report Ideas
Research Ideas
Culminating Activity 38(4)
Unit Test Options 42(3)
Bibliography of Related Reading 45(1)
Answer Key 46
Extra informatie: 
Paperback / softback
48 pagina's
Januari 1991
136 gram
286 x 222 x 6 mm

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen