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Knutselen, DHZ
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Better Homes and Gardens Books

Kitchen Ideas

€ 19.49

Affordable ideas for turning any kitchen into an inviting and functional space

This book is your guide to designing the kitchen of your dreams. It offers a survey of kitchen trends, ideas for enhancing existing floor plans, advice on how to mix and match materials, and tips on how to achieve a look for less.

Taal / Language : English

Kitchen Trends.

Check out the latest trends on our top 10 list before spending a cent.


Furniture details.

Open plans.

Mix of materials.

Show off storage.


Stainless steel.

Stylish sinks.


Going green.

Smart Plans.

Map out the way a kitchen functions to make changes that work.

Walkthrough workhorse.

Open for business.

Ring around the island.

Working the U.

Kitchen geography.

Multitask kitchen.

Unfi tted beauty.

Create the look/Paint.

Stylish Materials.

Combine materials to create spaces fi lled with functional flair.

Some assembly required.

Mix with style.

Humble and handsome.

Vintage by design.

Modern mastery.

Artistry at work.

Create the look/Materials.

Store in Style.

Eliminate all the muss and fuss with storage that lets a kitchen work hard.

In orderly fashion.

Open minded storage.

Create the look/Special storage.

Designed to store.

Cutting clutter.

Create the look/Shelves.

Decorator Touches.

Kitchens have to look good as well as work hard. Here s how to get started.

Warming trends.

Scandinavian at heart.

Playing with color.

Going dressy.

Bungalow reborn.

Create the look/Fabric fixes.

Small Spaces.

Learn how small kitchens combine efficiency with style.

Compact character.

Priced right white.

Create the look/White cabinets.

French forever.

Paint for style.

Craft a jewel.

Inch by inch.

Create the look/Space savers.

Extra informatie: 
Paperback / softback
143 pagina's
Januari 2009
496 gram
272 x 228 x 8 mm

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen